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Malware and other mobile threats targeting Android devices can not only be annoying and have a negative impact on the device, but also can cause financial harm or even identity theft. In order to protect Android devices and their owners against malware, cyber attacks, and other mobile threats ShieldApps has developed Mobile Shield Antivirus. ShieldApps has developed Mobile Shield Antivirus to ensure the ultimate mobile security!

Mobile Shield Antivirus And Cleaning Utility

Mobile Shield Antivirus

Mobile Shield Antivirus for Android[1] comes together with advanced features set and detection algorithms. The award-winning security suite detects, blocks and removes mobile threats and infections.

Mobile Shield Antivirus Scanner scans through all of the device’s files including internal and external memory, looking for threats endangering the device’s health and performance. Mobile Shield Antivirus is powered by the active protection that safeguards the phone without any interruptions 24/7. It also features an app behavior analysis mechanism that notifies users about potentially dangerous and suspicious applications.

Mobile Shield Antivirus

What does Mobile Shield Antivirus highlight?

  • Detailed Scan

Mobile Shield Antivirus provides users with algorithms that scan deep into files and programs searching for suspicious software and potential threats.

  • Active Protection

Mobile Shield Antivirus provides consumers with advanced protection that never sleeps.

  • Scheduled Scans

Mobile Shield Antivirus enables users to schedule automated scans that ensure the device’s safety at all times.

  • Peak Performance

Mobile Shield Antivirus is created to maintain the device’s processing capabilities without any negative impact on any performance parameters.

Mobile Shield Antivirus monitors and secures your device. It provides reliable protection against every known malware, spyware, adware or any other cyber threat.

Mobile shield protection

What does Mobile Shield Antivirus offer?

  • Virus Protection

Mobile Shield Antivirus provides a reliable and stable protection against any potential malicious attack or infection.

  • Real-Time Protection

Mobile Shield Antivirus provides users with advanced algorithms that are always on top of every rising threat and informs users about any potential threat instantly.

  • Scheduled Scans

Mobile Shield Antivirus allows its users to schedule automatic virus scans and set up protection settings to ensure device’s safety at all times.

  • Privacy Advisor

Mobile Shield Antivirus’ Privacy Advisor monitors the permissions of the apps that are installed and active on the device. It also categorizes them by their risk level and removes them from inside the app is needed.

  • Automatic Updates

Outdated applications often become a source of most mobile attacks. Mobile Shield Antivirus provides users with automatic updates and keeps itself up to date at all times.

  • Detailed Reports

Mobile Shield Antivirus will provide users with a detailed report on malware that was detected. This information is not only interesting but also can be used for future prevention.

  • History Report

Mobile Shield Antivirus also keeps track of the single scan and removal action users have taken. History Reports enable users to always revisit their scans and keep track of their devices’ infections over the time.

Mobile Shield Antivirus is available at the Google Play app store and also provides users with a free trial version of the security suite for Android.

Mobile Cleaning Utility

In order to boost your Android devices’ performance, increase speed, and extend battery life, ShieldAntivirus has created Mobile Cleaning Utility.[2] So, if you are looking for a perfect combination of advanced cleaning and energy saving technologies, check out Mobile Cleaning Utility by ShieldApps. ShieldApps has developed its Mobile Cleaning Utility, to provide users with Android maintenance and performance optimization application that boosts their Android device.

mobile cleaning utility

It is more than just a regular Android device cleaner. Mobile Cleaning Utility offers versatile options created to increase smartphones’ performance, boost system speed and improve battery life. In addition, Mobile Cleaning Utility also helps to take complete control of the device, including data usage, Wi-Fi network access, storage preferences and more.

What does Mobile Cleaning Utility Highlight?

  • Ran Cleaner

Mobile Cleaning Utility will allow you to detect every single program which uses your RAM memory and free it. In addition, Mobile Cleaning Utility enables you to pick which application will be allowed to use your RAM.

  • Battery Life Extended

Mobile Cleaning Utility provides users with three battery mode options that help to increase battery life. With a few clicks, users are able to decide how they want to spend their device’s energy.

  • Direct Storage Access

Mobile Cleaning Utility enables users to see and manage all the data on their phone.

  • Application Manager

Mobile Cleaning Utility also allows users to control all the applications on the device. It also enables them to remove permanently each app they consider to be redundant.

Mobile Cleaning Utility, developed by ShieldApps allows consumers to enjoy their smartphones’ maximum speed and performance.

shield cleaning utility

What does Mobile Cleaning Utility offer?

  • Ram Cleaning

Mobile Cleaning Utility provides users with all the working applications displayed within seconds. It also gives a detailed intel about their memory usage and enables users to shut each working app with only one click.

  • Battery Saver

Mobile Cleaning Utility offers users to save their devices’ battery life and provides them with three modes of battery life saver. Consumers can choose from options like backlight, screen timeout, sound volume, Wi-Fi connection, Bluetooth connection, Location, data, and screen rotation are all able to be controlled by the modes.

  • Application Management

The Application Management option shows all the installed and active programs on the device. Cleaning Utility Mobile enables users to manage these applications by their wishes and uninstall with the single click.

  • Completely Free

Mobile Cleaning Utility is free of charge application for every single Android owner who wishes to boost their smartphone’s performance. The cleaning utility is available at the Google Play app store.

  • Storage Display

Mobile Cleaning Utility provides its users with full storage that includes images, videos, music, applications and other files and programs to be displayed with options for removing files. Every single file and program can be detected and viewed from inside the Mobile Cleaning Utility app, regardless their format.

  • Notifications

Within the Mobile Cleaning Utility settings consumer are able to enable notifications for critical RAM usage, a low level of battery and more. The application will also send notifications about the device’s state every 12 hours, even if there is no need for action.

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