MiniDuke hits government entities and drug dealers

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A concealed institute secretly collects information from government entities and also from not a less popular target – drug dealers.

 miniduke malware

The spyware was uncovered by Kaspersky Lab researchers last year. According to the researchers, the organization which developed and distributed MiniDuke is potentially working for government entities, law agencies or criminal groups.[1]

Vitaly Kamluk, a security expert at Kaspersky Lab, describes MiniDuke developers and their techniques as being “more like underground cyber criminals than a typical nation state”. This is how they differ from others.

MiniDuke operates by using a flaw in Adobe Acrobat Reader and exploits an extremely tailored outbreak which took advantage of highly “effective social engineering techniques”.[2]

Eugene Kaspersky, the founder and CEO of Kaspersky Lab, noticed that the MiniDuke operation mode is very unusual: “I wonder if these types of malware writers, who have been in hibernation for more than a decade, have suddenly awoken and joined the sophisticated group of threat actors active in the cyberworld”.


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