Max Total Security for Mac user manual

by Gabriel E. Hall - -

This short user guide will provide you with the information about the main features of your Mac Total Security.

Mac Total Security protects your Mac against cyber threats, malware, and theft. The application is simple and includes the main features, such as Full Scan, Quick Scan, Custom Scan, Device Locator, latest geo-location of the Mac, remotely take snapshots and offers 24 x 7 Technical support.

Mac Total Security provides you with the following features:

  • Full Scan scans your Mac including all hard disk drives.
  • Custom Scan scans only selected locations.
  • Quick Scan scans only newly installed Applications.
  • Drag File to Scan feature allows you to drag any file or folder to scan.

Start and Stop scan

Mac Total Security provides users with Start and Stop scan features.

To start Scan: launch the main Mac Total Security window and select the scan you want to complete. You can choose from the Full Scan, Quick Scan, or Custom Scan, also you can drag files and folders in the Drag file here to scan area.

To pause Scan you have to click on the pause button provided on Scan Window. Once you want to resume the scan, click the Resume button.

Clean and View List

If the Auto Clean feature is disabled, you can remove detected threats via the Clean button on your Scan user interface.

View List displays all detected threats and information about them, including Name, Location, and Status. Users can remove detected threats from View List as well.


Preferences window displays a description of various features, including Recover, Scheduler, Live Update Exclude Recover, Settings, and Support.


If you want to recover removed threats you have to open the Recover windows, select any threats you want to recover and click on recover. Restores files will appear in their original location.


Scheduler feature allows users to perform Quick Scan as per Schedule set by a user. You can choose the intervals and perform scheduled scans daily, weekly, hourly or minutes.


The Settings window provides users with five options: 

  1. Automatic Live Update that provides users with automatic updates.
  2. Live Update Reminder option that provides reminders of updates.
  3. Do not Take Quarantine Backup option which disables backup of quarantined threats.
  4. Launch App When Mac Start option launches the Mac Total Security application whenever the Mac is started or Restarted.
  5. Enable Auto Clean option deletes all detected threats as soon as they are detected.

Live Update

The Live Update feature allows a user to update the app manually by clicking the Click here to update now button.


Support feature allows a user to contact the support team.


The Exclude Recover feature allows users to exclude any particular file or folder or detected threats.

We hope that this short user manual helps you to use your Mac Total Security application.

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