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Max Total Security for Mac[1] is a complete protection suite for OS X. The package includes AntiVirus, Adware Scan, Safe Browser & Device Locator.

Mac Total Security Review

Mac Total Security for Mac is developed by Max Secure Software LTD.  Max Secure Software is an international security vendor that focuses on antivirus, cybersecurity, and privacy software. The company was founded in 2002 in Pune, India. Today Max Secure Software successfully operates in the security industry and provides users with next-gen antivirus technologies, privacy software, optimization tools and more.[2]

The company has its’ headquarters in India, and offices across the United States of America.

Max Secure Software focuses on security software for individual consumers, professionals, and corporate Internet users worldwide.

The company offers a range of application across all the main operating systems, including Max Secure Spyware Detector for Windows PCs and Max Total Security for Android.

Max Secure Software provides Mac users with a complete internet security suite and range of applications and tools including Mac Total Security, AntiVirus by Max Secure, Disk Tuner, Adware Cleaner, Duplicate Remover, Fine Vault, Max Privacy Guard, Memory Cleaner, File Shredder, and Network Protector.[3]

Mac Total Security starts at approximately $50 per year and covers one Mac. The company also provides users with a 30-day money back guarantee if they are not satisfied with the Internet Security suite.

Mac Total Security Payment

Mac Total Security is compatible with OS X Lion and later versions of macOS.

Mac Total Security with AntiVirus, Adware Cleaner & Safe Browser protects you from all threats. It also helps with physical security of your Mac, by providing you with a device locator. With live updates, Max Total Security cleans out all malware.

Test results

Researchers at Reviewed by Pro decided to test the software and used it on our test MacBook Air 13 Inch. The download and installation of the software were quick and easy and the first impression was very good too.

Antivirus protection

Max Secure Software developed its security products for 15 years and today applies next-gen technologies to provide users with the best protection possible. In order to detect Mac-based threats, Max Secure applies a traditional signature matching engine and heuristic monitoring. In addition, it includes real-time protection and has a live update to the latest virus signatures.

Real-time protection checks the system for viruses, Trojans, and Malware.

The application also includes adware scanning and safe browsing features that protect users against adware threats, malicious websites and phishing attempts.

In order to test the software, we had some malicious and infected files installed on our Mac. However, after the first scan, Mac Total Security only detected a half of them. Then, we tried one more time but there were still some infected files undetected.

We also wanted to check how the application is rated by big independent testing labs, however, none of them tested the Max Secure Software for Mac.

Mac Total Security interface protected

Additional features

Mac Total Security offers users a decent set of security features that ensure that your Mac is protected and malware-free.

The features include the following:

  • Anti-Virus. Mac Total Security provides users with real-time protection against viruses, Trojans and malware with Full Scan, Quick Scan and Custom Scan facility.
  • Adware Scanner scans for the latest adware threats that slow down browsing and display pop-ups.
  • Wi-Fi Scan feature scans for behavior based threats through the Wi-Fi connection like MITM and ARP attacks.
  • Device Locator feature allows location tracking, capture snapshots and play a sound alarm on the missing Mac through a web portal.
  • Safe Browsing features allow users to perform online transactions safely and securely, without anyone intercepting sensitive or banking information. It also protects against phishing attempts.
  • 24 x 7 Live Customer Support.

System-performance impact

Mac Total Security is a very lightweight application and does not use many system resources. The program did not cause any lags or interruptions. However, as it was mentioned before, the program has not been tested by any of the independent testing labs, so it is hard to evaluate the system-performance impact using only one Mac.

Scanning performance

Mac Total Security provides users with three types of scanning including Full Scan, Quick Scan, and Custom Scan.

The first system scan took about 50 minutes, the repeated scan took only 30-35 minutes to finish. However, the scan reports are not as detailed as those generated by other similar Mac security suites. The application does not provide detailed information about the detected threats, it only provides a list of threats.

Customer Support

If you buy the full version, Max Secure software includes a free 24/7 Technical Customer Support. Users can contact support via phone, email or live chat. However, the support is not actually helpful. Most of the users were not satisfied with the Mac Secure support. However, it is worth to mention that the support page is very informative and helpful for those, who want to search for answers themselves.

Mac Total Security Full Scan

User interface

The interface of the software is simple. The interface looks fresh and wide open. Some users noted that the interface looks quite outdated. Most of the main features can be easily found on the main screen, such as Safe Browser, Custom Scan, Custom Scan, Full Scan. Users also can drag the files for a scan to the area in the interface. On the other windows, the options appear on the left column. 

Feature Score
Antivirus protection Unknown
Security and Privacy features Basic set of security features
Scanning performance Average scans without a negative impact on a system
System-performance hit Light
User interface Can look outdated

The final verdict

It is hard to evaluate Mac Total Security as the program has not been tested by any other independent testing labs. However, according to our test results, the antivirus protection is mediocre and inconsistent, however, the other security features work quite well. In addition, the software did not have a negative impact on system performances.

What we did not like is that the customer support is not helpful at all, and the interface can seem a bit outdated.

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