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Max Secure Software LTD has developed a complete security and privacy suite for the mobile ecosystem.[1]

Max Mobi Secure

Max Total Security

Max Total Security is complete security suite for Android devices and provides users with Smart Scan Antivirus, Device Tracker, System Optimizer and Battery Optimizer. The application protects Android users against malicious software, dangerous websites, privacy risks and other mobile threats.

max total security

Max Total Security provides Android users the following features:

  1. Anti-virus

Max Total Security Anti-virus includes several scanning options including quick scan that scans only newly installed apps on the device, full scan, which scans the entire device including its memory card, and memory card scan, which only scans memory card.

  1. Anti-Theft

If your device goes missing or stolen this Max Total Security for Android will track the location of the device. In addition, the application allows users to remotely lock the device, wipe important and personal data remotely and sound an alarm. These features can be enabled from Max Secure anti-theft portal or using another mobile device by text message feature.

  1. Block unwanted calls and SMS

Max Total Security enables the user to block calls and SMS from unknown numbers, or numbers in the blacklist. The feature only works for incoming calls and SMS messages; it does not block outgoing calls or texts.

  1. Network statistics

The application summarizes your network traffic used and monitors network traffic usage.

  1. Backup contacts

Max Total Security enables users to backup all or some of the contacts.

  1. System Optimizer

The feature allows users to manage and terminates applications in order to free up the system.

  1. Battery Saver

Battery Saver offers several modes of battery saving and a default mode with the most optimized battery settings.

  1. Privacy Manager

The feature provides consumers with detailed information about apps installed on the device and how critical they are in terms of privacy and safety.

  1. Gaming Mode

Max Total Security gaming mode offers consumers a fast gaming experience.

Max Safe Trip

Max Safe Trip was designed in order to keep users safe while traveling by public transport like taxi or busses. The application uses routes, deviation notifications, alarms, and real-time tracking.

max safe trip

The app allows users to configure features easily with “Who can track me” or “Whom I can track”, it also comes with emergency alarm in case of trouble, and notification to remote device monitoring you. In addition, if any changes in flight path are detected user as well as phone monitoring device is notified. If the user does not select reroute option and continues on the wrong patch, then notifications are sent to monitoring devices.

In addition, start trip/start track, track device features enable users to configure how often they want to send information to the server.

Max Gamer Antivirus

Max Gamer AntiVirus allows users to upgrade their gaming experience, speed up the device with gaming mode, it also cleans the device from viruses and other malware. In addition, Max Gamer AntiVirus also comes with memory boost in order to speed up gaming performance. Max Gamer AntiVirus was launched for the gamer community.

Max Gamer antivirus

The application protects the device from malicious programs and viruses, Trojans and malware, while at the same time it speeds up the device. With a single tap, your device will run fast, providing all the resource that you need to play your favorite games.

Max Memory Booster

Max Memory Booster is an app that frees and boosts Android devices memory by enabling unwanted applications, cleaning caches, and optimizing memory usage. The application increases speed and reclaims memory space. Max Memory Booster also features a task-killer and app uninstaller. Users can perform the memory boosts through the Quick Boost, Optimize Memory option, or the app widget.

max memory booster

Max Memory Booster includes the following features:

  1. Quick Boost.

The feature disables active application and running tasks in order to boost memory and free up space.

  1. Optimize Memory

The Optimize Memory feature enables and turns off running processes, excluding system processes, in order to free RAM and extend device’s battery life.

  1. App Manager

This feature provides users with a list of all installed apps and programs with a detailed information with the memory space used by them. It also enables users to delete any unwanted apps in order to increase storage space.

Max Privacy Manager

Max Privacy Manager provides users with information how installed applications use and potentially abuse personal and sensitive information and threat user privacy. Max Privacy Manager also offers users an overview of all installed apps the liberty they are using. Users also receive a total privacy score in percentage.

max privacy manager

The security tool is very simple and easy to use, it requires only one tap and users receive detailed information about permissions that the app is using. This way consumers are able to keep their mobile private and sensitive information secured and protected. Max Privacy Manager is personal privacy consultant that protects you from suspicious and malicious applications, that potentially spam your notification menu, track your SMS messages, monitor phone calls or track location.

Private Messages for BBM

Private Messages for BBM enables consumers to send and receive private messages that are secure and protected with a password. In addition, Private Messages for BBM also encrypt all transferred messages. Private Messages for BBM is a privacy protection application that provides an advanced and secure way to send messages to your BBM contacts.

Only users who have Private Messages for BBM can read these encrypted messages. Every single message sent via BBM is encrypted by AES-128. In order to ensure additional privacy, the private messages have a self-destruct feature, so users can be sure that no one will access their messages without Private Messages for BB password. The application provides users with advanced security and protection for their BB communications against intrusions and unauthorized access.

Max Call and SMS Blocker

Max Call and SMS Blocker is a reliable and effective way to block unwanted calls and text messages. This security tool blocks any annoying SMS and incoming calls from the blacklist you create in the app.

Max Call and SMS Blocker

Max Call and SMS Blocker provides users with features including call blocking, SMS and text message blocking, blocked call and SMS log, blacklist, whitelist and block all calls, blocked message and call log. Max Call and SMS Blocker allows users to keep unwanted and annoying calls and SMS messages away.

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