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Max Total Security for Android[1] is developed by Max Secure Software LTD.

Max Secure Software is an international antivirus, cybersecurity and privacy software provider. The company was founded back in 2002 in Pune, India and since then successfully operates the security market. Max Secure has is headquartered in India and also has offices in the US. The company focuses on individual consumers, professional, and corporate Internet users’ security across the globe.[2]

Max Mobi Secure Total Security for Android Review

Max Secure develops and distributes a wide range of innovative and modern security, protection, and performance products for both businesses and individual users across all the major operating systems, including Windows, Macs, Android, and iOS devices.

Max Mobi Secure provides a wide range of application for Android users, such as Max Total Security, Max Safe Trip, Max Gamer Antivirus, Max Memory Booster, Max Privacy Manager, Private Messages for BBM, and Max Call & SMS blocker.

You can read more about these apps and their features here.

Max Total Security for Android is a complete security suite for Android with Max Secure Smart Scan AntiVirus, Device Tracker, System Optimizer, and Battery Optimizer

The application is available at the official Max Secure web page and the official Google Play App Store. The application has been installed more than 50,000 times and has a rating of 4.1 out of 5. It requires Android 4.0.3 or later.[3]

Max Total Security for Android is designed to protect Android smartphones and tablets from viruses, malicious software, privacy risks, dangerous websites, and other mobile threats.

Test results

Max Total Security for Android was tested with our test device Samsung Galaxy S8 G950F 64GB for about two weeks. The download and installation did not take longer than a regular app. The first impression was positive, as the app is lightweight, easy to navigate, and did not have a negative impact on a device.

Max Mobi Secure Total Security Features

Antivirus protection

We had about 10 malicious applications and other malicious software installed on your Samsung smartphone. Once we downloaded the application, we performed a scan which detected about 80% of all malicious apps.

The application also performs the automatic virus-scan for newly installed or updated applications.

Max Total Security for Android anti-malware Research Lab is continuously providing new malware detections and updating your devices daily.

The application also has Safe Web browsing features that protect users from online threats. We tried to visit malicious or phishing attacks and Max Total Security detected and blocked them all.

In order to provide a complete evaluation of the antivirus protection performance, we usually check how the app is rated by independent testing labs, such as AV-TEST.[4] However, Max Total Security for Android was not tested by AV-TEST or other big independent testing labs. As a result, it is hard to measure the antivirus protection rates tested on a single device.

Additional features

Max Total Security is free to install and offers a variety built-in features, including:

  • Anti-Virus

The application anti-virus features allow users to perform a quick scan, full scan, and memory card scan.

  • Anti-Theft

The Anti-Theft features allow users to locate, lock or wipe the missing device from Max Secure Anti-Theft portal or using another phone.

  • Call & SMS Blocker

Call & SMS Blocker allows users to block calls and text messages from unknown or spam numbers.

  • Network Statistics

The feature summarizes the history of network traffic and monitors network traffic usage.

  • Backup

The backup feature allows to backup all or some of the contacts on the device.

  • System Optimizer

System Optimizer helps to free up the system by managing and terminating apps installed on the device.

  • Battery Saver

Users can choose from several battery saving modes which optimize battery settings in order to increase battery life.

  • Privacy Manager

Privacy Manager feature provides users with information on apps settings and how critical they are in terms of privacy.

  • Game Mode

Game Mode allows users to experience the gaming possible. Turn the Gaming Mode on whenever you need maximum memory available to use certain apps.

As you can see the application offers an all-in-one security suite with a decent set of features. Even though it does not include parental controls or a VPN service, but still offers a quite useful feature set.

Max Total Security for Android

System-performance impact and scans

Even though the application includes a variety of features, it is relatively light on system resources. It had an average impact on our test device, at 15%. However, it was not noticeable. The app does not slow down the device or have a negative impact on battery life. However, as it was mentioned before it has not been tested by independent testing labs such as AV-TEST, so it is hard to measure how the security suite would perform on a different device.

When it comes to scanning performance, Max Total Security for Android offers quick, full and memory card scans. The scans are quick and without noticeable impact on a system.

User interface

Max Total Security for Android has a simple user interface. The main menu bar appears on the main window and allows users to access the wanted feature within a single click. The interface is well-designed and easy to understand. The main colors are white and red.

Feature Score
Antivirus protection Unknown
Security and Privacy features Basic set of security & optimization features
Scanning performance Average scans without a negative impact on a system
System-performance hit Light
User interface Simple

The final verdict

Max Total Security for Android is an all-in-one security application that is capable of protecting the device from viruses and optimize its’ performance. It provides a decent set of features with a minimal impact on the system performance.

However, the application lacks some background information and reviews from independent testing labs. As a result, we could not provide an overall evaluation of antivirus protection and usability features.

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