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Lookout Security and Antivirus for Android is developed by s San Fransisco-based mobile security startup Lookout Mobile Security. Lookout Mobile Security was founded in 2005. The company develops mobile security apps and protection for personal devices, mobile fleets, apps and more for Android and iOS devices.[1]

Lookout mobile security review

Lookout Mobile Security provides users with free and paid security applications for Android devices including Lookout Security and Antivirus Lookout for Work, Stage-fright Detector, Lookout Security Extension, and Heartbleed Security Scanner.  

Security and Antivirus for Android offers free, Premium and Premium Plus versions. The free version of the app covers essentials, including security scanning, find my phone, and contact backup. In addition, if you want to try the Premium plan, you will also get a 30-day trial. The Premium plan starts at $2.00 per month or $29.99 per year. Premium Plus costs $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year.

The application is available on Google Play App Store and is reviewed 4.4 out of 5 stars. The application was installed more than 100,000,000 times.[2]

Lookout mobile antivirus and security

Test Results

Antivirus protection

Lookout Mobile Security does not provide its security application to independent testing organization AV-TEST. According to earlier tests, Lookout malware scanning engine demonstrated results well above the average. In addition, the company has a solid reputation and reviews in Google Play app store. 

The application also protects users against malicious websites and phishing attempts. It successfully detected known dangerous and malicious websites. The browser extension supports Google Chrome and Android browsers from major manufacturers. 


Lookout Security and Antivirus completes a full scan in about 30 seconds. However, users cannot schedule scans, instead. they have to perform a manual scan from time to time. 


Lookout Security and Antivirus for Android offers free, Premium and Premium Plus. The Free basic application includes security essentials, such as app scanning and a System Advisor. It also provides users with Find My Phone feature which enables users to locate, make a sound alarm on a phone and automatically save the device’s location when the battery is low. 

Premium version includes features such as Safe Wi-Fi, Breach Report, Theft Alerts, Safe Browsing, Privacy Advisor and Lock & Wipe. 

Lookout security for android

Lookout Premium Plus comes with all of the Premium functions and identity theft protection. It includes features such as Cyber Watch, SSN Watch, Social Media Watch. It also provides identity restoration and insurance: 24/7 Restoration assistance, $1m Identity Theft Insurance and Lost Wallet Recovery. 

System Impact 

In order to test the security application system impact, the multiple tests with the Geekbench 4 Android benchmarking tool were conducted. Lookout Security and Antivirus had only a little impact by about 1.4% while running in the background, and approximately 2% during scans. An average user would not even notice these slowdowns.

User Interface

Lookout has a very intuitive and simple user interface. Its’ minimal design is attractive and well done. The home screen provides with the main features, also, all the options are easily accessible. The sub-screens are also very informative. 

Lookout mobile security features

The final verdict

Lookout Security and Antivirus is a reliable and well-known application for your Android device. It is probably one of the best-looking and the most intuitive Android antivirus apps at the moment in the market.  It also has a unique advanced identity protection features and well-considered feature set. However, the free plan lacks some key features, and the paid version is quite expensive. In addition, Lookout does not provide its app for third-party independent testing labs, so we do not have much information about its malware protection scores. 

Feature Score
Antivirus protection Unknown
Scanning performance Quick and smooth scans
Security and privacy features A decent set of features
System impact Low
User interface Intuitive and minimalistic user interface


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