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The Hacker News, THN now offers you the Ethical Hacking A to Z Bundle that will allow you to learn how to hack ethically, regardless of your previous experience.


The Ethical Hacking A to Z bundle will provide you with basic skills that will help you to become a professional ethical hacker.

This course is 45 hours long and includes 384 in-depth lectures.[1] 

So what can you learn if you choose this 8-in-1 online hacking training course?

  • Ethical hacker boot camp 2017

This course will provide you information about passive and active reconnaissance, enumeration and scanning, social engineering, and even more. Live hacking demonstrations are carried out with Maltego, Harvester, Nmap and more.
A to Z ethical hacking course

A to Z ethical hacking course will teach you to advanced hacking methods and techniques. You will be available to practically use SQL injections, cross-site scripting, phishing and email hacking. The tools used in this course include WireShark, Keylogger and Metasploit.

  • Burp Suite or advanced Web penetration testing

Joining this course will provide you knowledge and skills to use Burp Suite. Burp Suite is a Java-based software platform of tools that carry out security testing of internet apps. In addition, this course also will teach you to use Burp automate certain attacks.

  • Ethical hacking/penetration testing course

If you want to get knowledge in Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking this course is for you. You will receive a complete, simulation penetration testing process, including vulnerability scanning, exploitation, post-exploitation and more.

  • Introduction to ethical hacking certification

Choosing this course you will receive an introduction to ethical hacking. In addition, useful information will help you to succeed in IT industry.

  • Real World hacking and penetration testing

This intensive, 5 hours long course will provide you updated penetration testing methods, and ethical hacking tools and techniques.

  • Kali Linux and hack Android mobile devices

All the needed information about Kali Linux will be provided in this course. The course includes 300 tools used for penetration testing, hacking, forensics, and more.

  • Pentest using Android from scratch

This course will provide you the information about preventing from a range of most common attacks using Android devices. In other words, this course could be called penetration testing with Android devices. You will find out how to install NetHunter and Kali Linux on any Android device in order to carry out penetration testing.

These 1-in-8 courses will give you all the knowledge and information you need to know in order to detect and prevent cyber attacks.[2]

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