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Kaspersky Small Office Security[1] is developed by a multinational Russian-based cybersecurity company Kaspersky Lab.

The company was founded in 1997 by its current CEO Eugene Kaspersky and has been successfully operating the market for more than 20 years.[2]

Kaspersky Small Office Security Review

Kaspersky works with premier software and hardware to deliver its customers the best security solutions across all the major operating systems, including Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS, password management, endpoint security, and other cybersecurity products and services. Today Kaspersky protects more than 400 users in over 150 countries worldwide.

The company offers security products for home users, small business, large enterprises, and government institutions.

Kaspersky Small Office Security is designed for small businesses with 5 to 25 computers. The security suite provides advanced security to computers, file servers, laptops, and mobile devices.

Kaspersky Small Office Security is easy to install, even easier to manage and provides the world's most tested, most awarded security to computers, file servers, laptops, and mobile devices, while protecting your business from online attacks, financial fraud, ransomware and data loss.

The yearly subscription starts at $151.20 and covers three desktops, three mobile devices, a file server, and includes three password managers. Users can protect from 3 to 50 desktops including Windows and Macs, with a single subscription. In addition, Kaspersky also offers 30-day money-back guarantee, for those, who are not satisfied with the product.

Test results

The installation of Kaspersky Small Office Security takes less than 10 minutes and is very simple. The application does not require any configuration or setup.

Antivirus protection

Kaspersky is known for providing one of the best antivirus and malware detection rates in the market. The security suite provides advanced ransomware protection with a rollback of malicious changes.

In addition, Kaspersky Small Office Security scores perfect malware and virus detection across the board from the independent testing lab AV-TEST. Kaspersky Small Office Security demonstrated 100% detection rates against both, zero-day malware attacks and widespread and prevalent malware.[3]

What is more, Kaspersky Small Office Security adds web and email security that prevents attempts to hijack business data and network by detecting and blocking malicious sites. Kaspersky Small Office also blocks suspicious downloads, filter out phishing email and malicious attachments.

Kaspersky Small Office DashboardFeatures

Kaspersky Small Office Security offers feature-rich security.

  • System Watcher for Windows Server protects users against ransomware and crypto lockers. It detects and blocks malicious activity and allows the rollback of malicious actions.
  • Web Controls control web usage in order to reduce time-wasting or malicious websites.
  • Safe Money feature protects online banking transactions, while virtual and secure keyboards prevent keyloggers from stealing details.
  • Web and Email Security protects businesses from malicious attempts to hijack data or network, blocks malicious websites, detects and removes unwanted/unsafe browser extensions, and blocks suspicious downloads. In addition, the security blocks and filters out spam, phishing emails and mail attachments, monitors and blocks websites from tracking online behavior.
  • Kaspersky Lab’s Mobile Security protects Android-based smartphones and tablets, including lock, wipe and location of missing devices.
  • Backup and encryption technologies protect sensitive data from breaches, fines and lost business. In addition, Kaspersky adds Data vault with password protected storage.
  • Password Manager remembers and secures all passwords. It also creates and securely stores new passwords for every site.
  • Management Portal allows users to manage the security from anywhere using online portal ksos.kaspersky.com. Users are able to send installation links to remote users, create technical support tickers and remotely manage Kaspersky Lab applications.

If you don’t have your laptop, tablet or phone with you, simply visit our web portal to access everything you’ve got stored inside Kaspersky Password Manager.

Moreover, Kaspersky Small Office Security adds additional layers of protection that include File Shredder to delete sensitive business data, Software Updater with a list of new updates available for installed apps, and delete unused or outdated software.


Kaspersky Small Office Security has great performance rates and only has a minimal negative impact on a system while working in the background. We did not notice any slowdowns or interruptions while using the software.

In addition, according to the test conducted by independent testing lab AV-TEST in July-August/2018, Kaspersky Small Office Security is rated 6.0 out of 6.0, when it comes to performance.

Scanning performance

Kaspersky Small Office Security allows users to perform various types of scans:

  1. Full Scan. Scans all areas of the computer. Requires a lot of time.
  2. Quick Scan. Scans objects that are loaded when the operating system starts and scans the system memory and boot files. Does not require much time.
  3. Selective Scan. Scans a selected file or folder.
  4. Removable Drives Scan. Scans removable drives that are connected to the computer.


Kaspersky Small Office Security also scored 100% in usability. The application did not deliver any false positives and accurately detected malicious files without misidentifying legitimate applications.

Customer support

Kaspersky Lab also provides users with excellent help and support options related to its products. Business users can reach a representative through live chat or email. If you prefer to call and speak to customer service, sales or technical support, they are also available 24/7.

Kaspersky’s customer support is user-friendly and low maintenance.

In addition, Kaspersky also provides very informative support webpage for Small Businesses. It includes knowledge base, trending issues, forum, online help, blog, FAQ section and more.



Antivirus protection

Excellent virus and malware detection rates


Advanced performance rates


Did not deliver any false positives

The final verdict

Kaspersky Small Office Security is one of the best choices for small businesses. The security suite has excellent rates in antivirus protection, performance and usability rates. The package provides small business users with a very decent feature set. It is also easy to set up and manage.

Note that Small businesses are appealing to hackers because they usually have a moderate amount of sensitive data with minimal security. If you are looking for the best security and antivirus suites for small businesses, make sure to check out the best small business antivirus software of 2018, and chose the application that suitable for you!

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