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K7 Total Security[1] is developed by K7 Computing. The company was founded in 1991 and today has more than 25 million customers worldwide.

K7 Total Security Review

The company is dedicated to work around the clock to detect any new malware, spyware, viruses, and other cyber threats.[2]

The company develops digital security products for home users and central governments, financial sector, manufacturing, telecommunications, utilities, retail, healthcare, education, technology and a range of other sectors based in Europe, The United States and Asia.

Ensure everyday digital life is safe and peaceful. Enable and empower users with simple solutions to safeguard.

When it comes to home users, K7 Security provides a range of products for home and mobile devices, including the following:

  • K7 Antivirus Premium – the cheapest tier from K7 Security providing the essential antivirus protection. It starts at $25.99 per year and covers one device.
  • K7 Total Security offers comprehensive protection for the device including advanced web protection and parental controls. It starts at $39.99 per year and covers one device.
  • K7 Ultimate Security offers multi-device protection against online threats and starts at $49.99 per year for one device.

K7 Security also offers security products for Macs, Android and iOS devices,

K7 Total Security Status

Test results

We tested K7 Total Security for about two weeks on our Windows 10 PC. The download and installation are simple and quick, it took us about 10 minutes to start using the application.

K7 Total Security is compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP SP3.

Antivirus protection

Once we installed the application, we performed a full scan. It detected all of the installed malicious software on our PC. However, we only used about 15 pieces of malware samples, so for an accurate review, we also checked how it performed on a test conducted by the independent German-based testing lab AV-TEST. According to the tests, conducted in July and August 2018, K7 Total Security detected 100% of both zero-day malware attacks including web and e-mail threats, and widespread and prevalent malware.[3]

However, it delivered 3 false positives concerning certain actions carried out whilst installing and using legitimate software. And one false detection of legitimate software as malware during a system scan.

Additional features

As it was already mentioned for Home users for Windows K7 Security provides three types of products.

  • K7 Antivirus Premium includes Threat protection, Advanced PC Security, Product Update, Internet Protection, and PC Tuneup Tools.
  • K7 Total Security offers all the premium features and adds Web Protection and Privacy/parental control.
  • Finally, K7 Ultimate Security includes all the features mentioned above and adds Data Backup and Restore and Mobile Protection.

As you can see, K7 Security offers security packages according to users’ needs.

K7 Total Security Settings

System-performance impact

According to the vendor, K7 Total Security has zero impact on the device’s performance. According to our test, it had a small impact, slowing down the device by approximately 10%.

AV-TEST also tested K7 Total Security performance. According to the test it slowed down the system when launching popular websites by 6%, slowed down launching of standard software applications by 4%, slowed down installation of frequently-used applications by 23%, and slowed down copying of files by 48%. It had no impact while downloading frequently-used applications.

The results are similar than the industry average. The AV-TEST rated K7 Total Security performance of 4.5 out of 6.

Scanning performance

When it comes to scanning performance, the application provides various scanning options. Scans include the usual such as a full scan, a quick scan, or a custom scan. K7 Ultimate Security also includes a rootkit scanning option. The program also can scan USB drivers.

Customer support

K7 Security offers a very informative and attractive support web page. Users can contact customer support by submitting tickets or calling its toll free number.

The webpage includes tips, solutions, FAQs, knowledge base, user guides and manuals, vulnerability report and advisory, videos and other information

K7 Total Security Main Window

User interface

Once you open the K7 Total Security it displays a basic dashboard that shows the device’s status – secure, the thee non-clickable status tiles Last Updates, Virus Definition and the number of days left in the subscription. The interface is very nice and does not try to squeeze as much information as it can.

The interface is simple and easy to navigate.



Antivirus protection


Security and Privacy features

A very decent set of extras

Scanning performance

Various scanning options, good performance

System-performance hit


User interface


The final verdict

K7 Total Security is a great choice for those who want simplicity and reliable malware engine. The application also provides a very decent set of extra features for those, who are looking for more than just antivirus application. However, it might seem a bit expensive, especially if you want to use it for more than one device.

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