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K7 Antivirus for Mac[1] is developed by an Indian-based security vendor K7 Computing.

K7 Computing is a well known IT security provider having more than 25 million customers worldwide. The company was initially developed in 1991 by its founder and CEO Jayaraman “Keseven” Kesavardhanan. Today the company operates in more than 100 countries worldwide.[2]

K7 Antivirus for Mac Review

K7 Computing focuses on providing a safe and secure computing experience for home users and enterprise users across various industries and is dedicated to detect and fight any cyber threat, new or widespread malware, spyware, viruses and other.

The company developed a range of security products for home users, central governments, financial sector, manufacturing, telecommunications, utilities, retail, healthcare, education, technology and a range of other sectors based in Europe, The United States and Asia.

Ensure everyday digital life is safe and peaceful. Enable and empower users with simple solutions to safeguard.

For home users, the company provides Internet security and antivirus software across all the platforms, including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

We have already tested K7 Total Security for Windows, and K7 Mobile Security for Android.

K7 Antivirus for Mac claims to include an award-winning antivirus scanner, real-time protection, detection of both Mac and Windows-based threats, automatically scans the newly connected storage devices and is ultra-light on memory.

The package starts at $29.99 a year and covers one Mac. Users that want protection for multiple devices can get K7 Ultimate Security which is suitable for multiple platforms and can protect up to 5 devices with a single subscription.

Test results

We tested K7 Antivirus for Mac using our MacBook Air. The download and setup took us about 12 minutes, which is somewhere in the middle, in comparison to other similar Mac security products.

K7 Antivirus for Mac Min Window

Antivirus protection

Once installed, we performed a full system scan. The application has detected all of the infected files installed on our Mac computer and had no false positives.

The infected files were isolated in quarantine which allowed us to choose whether to delete or restore them.

K7 Antivirus for Mac detects both Mac and non-Mac threats, viruses, spyware, trojans, worms and adware on the Mac, network drives, external disks, internet, and email threats.

We also tried to visit malicious sites, and the application has detected all the malicious URLs.
We are happy with antivirus protection rates, however, the Mac version of K7 Antivirus has not been tested by any of the independent testing labs, such as AV-TEST or AV-Comparatives. When it comes to an antivirus for Windows, according to the AV-TEST test conducted in July and August 2018, K7 Total Security detected 100% of both zero-day malware attacks including web and e-mail threats, and widespread and prevalent malware and had 3 false positives.[3]

Additional features

In order to protect Mac devices, users can choose from a K7 Antivirus for Mac or K7 Ultimate Security for multiple platforms.

K7 Antivirus for Mac includes the following features:

  • K7 Sentry – the Real-time Protection feature that scans all files in real time as they are used and stops infected files.
  • On-demand scanning available with a single click.
  • Total Malware Detection that includes the protection against both, Mac and non-Mac threats.
  • Scheduled and Background scans that can be set at regular intervals or at specific times.
  • Quarantine Manager feature allows users to isolate all infected files and block all access to them.
  • Updates and notifications

K7 Antivirus for Mac has a very basic security feature set that follows the essentials and can protect Mac against threats.

K7 ANtivirus for Mac Scan ViewSystem-performance impact

K7 Antivirus for Mac has a minimal impact on the system. We fell a minimal impact on a system while browsing the internet and used popular `applications. It did not affect battery life.

As it was mentioned before, K7 Antivirus for Mac has not been tested by any of independent security agencies, only the Windows version has been tested. According to the AV-TEST, K7 Total Security t slowed down the system when launching popular websites by 6%, slowed down launching of standard software applications by 4%, slowed down installation of frequently-used applications by 23%, and slowed down copying of files by 48%. It had no impact while downloading frequently-used applications.

The results are similar than the industry average. The AV-TEST rated K7 Total Security performance of 4.5 out of 6.

Scanning performance

Scans can be performed with a single click. K7 Antivirus for Mac offers Scheduled and Background scans that can be set at regular intervals or at specific times. The full system scan took about 40 minutes but did not have a noticeable impact on a system.

Customer support

K7 Security offers a very informative and attractive support web page. Users can contact customer support by submitting tickets or calling its toll free number.

The webpage includes tips, solutions, FAQs, knowledge base, user guides and manuals, vulnerability report and advisory, videos and other information.  

K7 Antivirus for Mac device scan

User interface

K7 Antivirus for Mac has a very intuitive and easy to use interface.

The main window allows users to Scan Computer, Scan files in the home folder, Scan Any Location, Manage Scheduled Scans from a side menu bar.

In addition, users can view Scans, Quarantine, check out History Log, adjust settings in preferences and get Help by pressing the Help button in the right upper corner.



Antivirus protection


Security and Privacy features

Security features cover the essentials

Scanning performance

Various scanning options, good performance

System-performance hit


User interface


The final verdict

K7 Antivirus for Mac is a great choice for those who look for reliable and simple antivirus protection for their Mac computer. It has a decent antivirus rates, good scanning performance and is simple to use. All in one, K7 Antivirus for Mac is a great choice for a reasonable price. 

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