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Journalists and government institutions that use Google, were invited be first to use advanced Gmail account security services. Security experts state that tools located under Advanced Protection banner provide consumers excellent security.

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The Advanced Protection provides campaign workers and journalist additional three steps of protection. Why journalists and campaign workers? According to Google, hackers, and adversaries these types of accounts targets most aggressively.[1]

The developed features consist hardware-based authentications which require two security keys, limitations of access to a Gmail account for specific apps, also, in order to recover the Google account appears additional steps.

Third-party apps that want access to Gmail or Drive will no longer have permission. For secure access, you will need to use the Gmail app or Inbox by Gmail. You will only be able to use the Chrome browser to access signed-in services like Gmail or Photos.

In addition, the extra steps are required to anyone who loses the access to Gmail accounts, users will have to wait for a few days in order to verify the information and restore the account.

Joseph Hall, chief technologist indicated:[2]

We call this Podesta-proofing your Google account. In addition to the John Podestas of the world, activists, victims of domestic abuse and billionaires are just a few of the people who will be able to benefit from this technology. Anyone targeted by a nation state or a highly motivated attacker can really benefit from this technology.

At the moment, the advanced protection service is available to personal Google account users. However, in order to run the service two Bluetooth or USA hardware-based keys are required. Commercial G Suite account holders are not eligible for free Advanced Protection.

Google indicates that the additional security system is established in order to protect the minority who appears at the highest risk of threats and malicious actors.

Advanced Protection provides Google’s strongest security, designed for those who are at an elevated risk of attack and are willing to trade off a bit of convenience for more protection of their personal Google Accounts.

On the other hand, experts warn that the advanced protection will provide its consumers’ strict limits on the interaction with other online services and mobile devices. In addition, there is a possibility that after losing a password the user will never access the account again.[3]

What Google is doing is going to be effective. It’s going to be expensive and hard to manage at scale. It’s also going to be a real pain for users who are going to have to carry around a little piece of hardware to access their Gmail account. But I guess if you’re John Podesta, or someone like him, you’re going to want to use one of these advanced tools.

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