Intego Mac Internet Security user guide

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This short user manual will provide you with the information on how to download and install the Intego Mac software, as well as introduce you to the demonstration version and VirusBarrier X9.

Download and Installation of Intego Mac

This short user manual will provide you with the information on how to download and install Intego products on your Mac.

Download Intego Mac

Once you have purchased the Intego software, you will receive an e-mail with a download link. If you want, you can also download the software from the official Intego Mac website. Simply select the product and click the green Download button.

Once you download the software, locate the installer. In most cases, the file will appear in the Downloads folder.

Once you navigate the disk image file, launch it by double-clicking on it. Then, the installer will start the installation process.

Get started with your Intego Mac

Once you launch the application the program will ask your name and your serial number. Both fields are required. Once you entered the required information, the program will open. 

Evaluation Mode of Intego Mac

If you want to try the Intego Mac software before purchasing it,

Intego offers users an evaluation mode which allows users to discover the application before purchasing.

The evaluation mode is available for 30 days. The demonstration version is provided as an example that illustrated how the program works and what features it offers. However, the demo version will not repair infected files or clean and delete data from your Mac. Once the 30-day period is over users can purchase the full version or uninstall the program from the system.

VirusBarrier X9

Intego Mac Internet Security includes VirusBarrier X9. Once the VirusBarrier X9 is opened, the scan screen displays. The main window provides users with the information on how the app is running.

The window gives users access to VirusBarrier X9 features, settings and logs, visual indications and the information about the program.

The program allows users to use additional controls such as Scans, Quarantine Zone and Trusted Files.

The app also provides users with status indicators on the overview screen. The Green indicator claiming that your Mac is Safe means that the Real-Time Scanning and Safe Browsing features are enabled. A red exclamation point will appear if the feature is disabled and your computer is might put at risk.

We hope that this short user guide helps you to use your Intego Mac on your system.

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