INetCop’s On-Vaccine for Android review, manual and guides

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iNetCop’s On-Vaccine for Android[1] is developed by InetCop Co., Ltd.

iNetCorp's OnVaccine for Android Review

The company is located in Munjeong-dong, Songpa-Gu, Seoul, Korea and focuses on mobile and IoT Security, malicious apps and vulnerabilities. It focuses on providing users with automatic analysis detection technology based machine learning.

Prevent damage from new / variant malicious apps in unknown mobile / IoT environments. Faster than conventional AV products.

The On-Vaccine OBT is only a test, and Android users can apply for it at the official company’s website at The test is available only for users in Korea.[2]

The company does not offer any other app on the official Google Play app store. In addition, iNetCop’s On-Vaccine for Android is a relatively new project and does not even have a rating yet. The security app was downloaded more than 100 times.

The OnVaccine for Android security application uses an artificial intelligence engine that learned 100,000 malicious app data. It also offers users real-time detection and blocking of dangerous and infected application.

iNetCorp's OnVaccine for Android Korean

Test results

We wanted to test the security application, however, it is still unreleased and available as a test version for Korean users only.

Antivirus protection

As it was mentioned before, iNetCop’s On-Vaccine for Android is based on cloud server-based automatic analysis and machine learning detection technology in order to prevent damage from malicious applications. The application combines traditional signature-based pattern matching and server-based heuristic detection.

According to the company, the standard malware detection rate is average 95%; new detection rate varying from the lowest 58% and the highest 85%.

iNetCop’s On-Vaccine was tested by the independent German-based testing lab AV-TEST in its latest Product Review and Certification Report July 2018. The test results show that the antivirus protection of the application is below the average. iNetCop’s On-Vaccine detected only 94% of the latest Android malware in real-time and 94.9% of the latest widespread Android malware. The industry average is 97.4% and 96.7%, respectively. AV-TEST used almost 6000 malware samples and tested the app on multiple devices.[3]

Additional features

iNetCop’s On-Vaccine for Android offers machine learning based artificial intelligence engine in order to prevent against the latest threats and real-time detection and blocking of infected apps. However, besides antivirus protection, iNetCop’s On-Vaccine does not offer any additional security, privacy or optimization features that are commonly offered in other similar mobile security applications.

System-performance impact and scanning performance

When it comes to system-performance impact, on the official page of iNetCop’s On-Vaccine for Android is said that the application has no impact on operating system and device performance and it has low battery resource consumption.

In addition, the application demonstrated pretty good rates of the usability test, as it does not impact the battery life or slow down the device during normal usage. According to AV-TEST, the application also does not generate too much traffic.


iNetCorp's OnVccine ScreenshotCustomer support

The company does not provide any customer support since the program is only available as a test. 

User interface

Since the test application is only available for Korean Android users we could not test application ourselves. In this case, it is now known as the main features of the user interface.

Feature Score
Antivirus protection Below the average
Security and Privacy features None
Scanning performance Accurate and quick
System-performance hit Minimal
User interface Unknown

The final verdict

It is very hard to rate the application which is still unreleased. Users can apply for a test and try the application themselves. However, the test is only available for Korean users. According to AV-TEST, iNetCop’s On-Vaccine for Android has a reliable antivirus protection and minimal impact on system performances. However, if you require additional features, the test application does not provide any.

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