IMF.exe. What is it and how to remove it

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We have received concerns from some users about the imf.exe executable. The vast majority of users are wondering if the process is trusted and legitimate. It is worth to mention that the imf.exe process uses a lot of system resources or prompts IMF.exe System Error “The program can not start” at every startup.

imf.exe process should be deleted?

According to Kevin Arrows at Appuals,[1] the issue can be caused because of an incomplete or corrupted installation of IOBit Malware Fighter or by a malicious application that removes the main executables of the installed antivirus applications in order to avoid detection. 


The imf.exe executable is a type of executable related to a Windows security scanner called IOBit Malware Fighter. The process takes a relatively big amount of system resources, however, it is a vital process in removing malware and viruses via the IOBit Malware Fighter application. 

IOBit Malware Fighter is a security suite that detects and removes malware, spyware, adware, viruses, trojans and other various bots. If you have this security suite installed on your system, and the imf.exe executable is legitimate, you should not worry about any cyber threats. 

Security risk

According to Kevin Arrows, there are no malware intruders, camouflaging as the IMF process, identified. However, Windows users can never be too careful. In order to confirm that you are not dealing with any malicious software camouflaging as IMF executable, you can check it’s location. In order to do so, press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open Task Manager, then locate the imf.exe process in the Processes tab, right-click on it and choose Open File Location

If the process is located in C:\\ Program Files \\ iobit \\ iobit malware fighter \\ you can relax because the executable is a legitimate process. However, if it appears to be located in a different location, then you should scan your system with a reliable antivirus program. 

Should the imf.exe process be removed?

Users should keep in mind that the imf.exe process is a vital executable of IObit Malware Fighter, so if you remove it, the software will become useless, it will also cause you imf.exe – System Error “The program can not start” at every startup when the executable is needed. However, if you still think that the imf.exe process uses too many system resources, you should remove it together with the security suite. 

In order to remove the imf.exe process, you have to open a Run command by pressing Windows key + R and type “appwiz.cpl” in the box. Then press Enter to open Programs and Files. Then locate the IOBit Malware Fighter suite, right click on it and select Uninstall. After you uninstall the software, reboot your system. 

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