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IKARUS mobile.security for Android[1] is developed by a security software firm IKARUS.

IKARUS Security Software developed a digital security solution for individual consumers and business users and partners. The company was founded in 1986 and since then it has worked on developing innovative approaches and solutions in order to deliver accessible and affordable security software.[2]

IKARUS mobile.security for Android Review

The company provides users with various comprehensive security solutions that aim to protect users against viruses, trojans, spyware, SPAM and all other kinds of malware.

IKARUS’ products range from IKARUS Business, including IKARUS gateway.security IKARUS cloud.security, IKARUS security.management, IKARUS mobile.management, IKARUS SDKs, Endpoint Protection, and various bundles.

IKARUS Security Software for Android, such as IKARUS TestVirus and IKARUS mobile.security is available at the official Google Play app store.

IKARUS mobile.security is a security application for Android devices. The applications offer the award-winning anti-virus solution which proactively protects Android smartphones and tablets against mobile threats.

IKARUS mobile.security protects your device and your data reliably and efficiently using daily updates and definable scan intervals.

IKARUS mobile.security has been installed more than 100,000 times and has a rating of 4.2 out of 5. The security application supports Android 4.0 or later.[3]

IKARUS mobile.security for Android Antivirus features

Test results

The application was tested by our researchers using our security device Samsung Galaxy S8 G950F 64GB for about 10 days.

The first impression of the application was very positive. The downloading and installation took no longer than similar apps, it ran smooth and without any interruptions.

Antivirus protection

IKARUS mobile.security was able to detect most of the malicious apps on our test device. However, it did not detect them all, which was a bit disappointing. We found the Security Advisor feature very useful and beneficial as it provides users with recommendations on how to improve security on the device.

The application also protects while browsing the web and includes URL Filter. This feature is actually very effective, however, it is only available in the full version, but you can try it on the free trial.

IKARUS mobile.security was also tested by the independent testing lab AV-TEST. The results were slightly better than the average. However, that is not a bad improvement for IKARUS, since a couple of years ago, it was ranked as one of the poorest protection in the industry. In the test conducted 2018 May, IKARUS mobile.security detected 98.4% of the latest Android malware in real-time and 00.8% of the latest widespread Android malware. AV-TEST was using a significant number of more than 6000 Android malware samples.[4]

As you can see, the improved protection of IKARUS mobile.security is better than the average.

IKARUS mobile.security Android Privacy features

Additional features

IKARUS mobile.security just like other similar apps follows the freemium model. So it provides users with the security essentials in its’ free version.

The free features include:

  • Virus scanning that scans the device, its directories and all newly installed applications.
  • Monitoring service feature that allows configurations for monitoring and protection.
  • Update status allows users to set up automatic scans and updates.
  • Security Advisor that checks the parameters such as USB debugging activation, allowing apps for unknown sources, encryption of the data on the device, and allowing Root-Access.
  • USSD Blocker which protects the device against malicious USSD codes.

When it comes to the Premium version, it includes the following:

  • Privacy Control feature which tests application for privacy risks.
  • Theft Protection via SMS.
  • SIM card protection which allows automatic locking if the SIM card is replaced.
  • URL Filter which protects users against Internet threats.

IKARUS also includes optionally administrable via IKARUS cloud.security which is comfortable for managing multiple devices.

As you can see, IKARUS has a pretty decent feature set, however, some useful features, such as Call Blocker, Parental Control, Backup or Encryption are missing.

System-performance impact and scanning performance

When it comes to the system-performance impact, IKARUS mobile.security demonstrates good results. According to AV-TEST, the mobile security application does not impact the battery life, does not slow down the device during normal usage, and does not generate too much traffic.

According to our results, the application had a minimal impact, between 8% and 10%. An average user will not notice any interruptions and slowdowns. The scans take an average time, from 30 seconds to a minute, and are pretty informative, as you can gel all the information about suspicious and malicious apps.

It is worth to mention that the application delivered one false warning during and usage of legitimate software from a third-party app store.

Customer support

IKARUS provides users with customer support. You can contact the support team via phone or email. The support webpage also includes Support Forms, which users can fill out and receive necessary information quickly and efficiently. In addition, IKARUS provides with User Manuals of the products, Team Viewer, Virus Info and Information & Tips section.

IKARUS mobile.security monitoring service and security advisor for Android

User interface

IKARUS mobile.security looks like similar security apps. It has a pretty simple user interface. The interface is bright and open with white and red colors dominating. All the features are easily accessible on the main menu. The subsections are simple and quite informative.

Feature Score
Antivirus protection Better than average
Security and Privacy features Basic security & privacy features
Scanning performance Average speed and accurate scans
System-performance hit Minimal
User interface Well-designed

The final verdict

IKARUS mobile.security has improved its antivirus protection over the couple years and now provides its clients with a pretty decent and trustworthy protection against various mobile threats. The application also include useful features, such as Security Advisor, which is great if you want to dig deeper into your device’s health. The application is also good for those who do not want a bunch of unnecessary features which are never used, as IKARUS focuses on security and privacy protection.

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