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IKARUS anti.virus CS[1] is an Anti-Malware-Solution with Central Monitoring for PCs, laptops, and servers. The application is developed by the cybersecurity vendor IKARUS.

IKARUS Security Software developed a digital security solution for individual consumers and business users and partners. The company was founded in 1986 and since then it has worked on developing innovative approaches and solutions in order to deliver accessible and affordable security software.[2]

IKARUS anti.virus cs

IKARUS offers comprehensive security solutions for businesses and consumers. The company’s products protect from viruses, trojans, spyware, SPAM and all kinds of malware.[3]

IKARUS products range from Security as a service: IKARUS mail.security, IKARUS wifi.security, IKARUS web.security, IKARUS anti.virus and IKARUS mobile.management. the company also delivers Mobile Security applications, SDKs/Industrial Security, Business Solutions and Privacy packages.

IKARUS ani.virus is an all-in-one antivirus package. The company offers users Trial version of the software, so before purchasing it you can try it for free for 30 days.

IKARUS anti.virus CS successfully protects any number of PCs, laptops, and servers from viruses, malware and spam – without noticeably impacting the performance of your machine.

The application is optimized for maximum detection and protection performance. Due to the cloud technology, the package is very lightweight and is designed for easy operations and low resource consumption.

Test results

We tested the security application on our Windows 10 PC for a couple weeks in order to provide users with the critical evaluation of IKARUS anti-virus CS’ antivirus protection, feature set, system-performance impact, scanning performance, and usability.

IKARUS anti.virus screenshot

Antivirus protection

The program applies the “Guard” feature in order to monitor the device in the background and block various cyber threats and PUAs in real-time. In order to test the software, we had some infected files and malicious software installed on our test device. Once we installed IKARUS anti.virus CS the program performed a full scan and successfully detected and quarantined all of the malicious and harmful icons.

IKARUS anti.virus CS is also certified by Virus Bulletin[4] and in its latest antivirus test demonstrated perfect detection rates by detecting 100% of widespread and zero-day malware samples and did not deliver any false positives.

Additional features

IKARUS anti.virus CS includes a full-feature set that protects users against various of cyber threats, spam, viruses, and malware.

Protection against viruses, spam, and malware:

  • Malware protection for multiple devices in any number of locations.
  • Incremental updates, automatic system scans, and manual scanning capabilities ensure that the PC is protected and malware-free.
  • The Guard feature ensures permanent proactive protection against viruses, PUAs and Spam.
  • The Anti-spam feature for Microsoft Outlook including individual Whitelists and Blacklists.
  • Immediate threat neutralization with Quarantine.
  • Dynamic virus analysis in a multi-level manual and automated procedures.
  • All the suspicious files are sent to the company’s cloud-based lab for further analysis.

However, for those who look full features internet security suite for an entire family, IKARUS does not offer parental control, VPN or other advanced features.

System-performance impact

IKARUS anti.virus is optimized for maximum malware protection and without a huge impact on a system or resource consumption. We did not notice any interruptions or lag while using the application in the background. The program works smoothly and quickly.

Scanning performance

IKARUS anti.virus CS allows users to perform manual scans as well as automatic scans. The system allows users to choose between several Scan Profiles such as Fas System Scan, System Partition, Entire Computer or Removable Media. All the detected malicious files are quarantined immediately in the  IKARUS Quarantine section. This section provides users with malware discovery date, file name, root directory, description and handling suggestions, enabling users to ‘Purge System’, ‘Restore’, ‘Delete’ or ‘Remove Virus’.

IKARUS anti.virus PC Protected

Customer support

IKARUS customer support can be contacted via phone or email. In addition, users can look for answers themselves at the Support Forums, Information & Tips section, Virus Info Section, Team Viewer and find user manuals at the official IKARUS support webpage.

User interface

IKARUS anti.virus CS has a very intuitive and informative interface which makes the program simple and easy to use.

Monitoring via Web interface features allows:

  • Intuitive interface for a quick overview.
  • Current status display of the devices, databases, and licenses.
  • Virus alerts and virus overview.
Feature Score
Antivirus protection Excellent
Additional features Reliable security feature set
System-performance impact Low impact on a system while working in the background
Scanning performance Scans are longer than the market average but do not drain the system
User interface Intuitive and easy to manage 

The final verdict

IKARUS anti.virus CS is an efficient and user-friendly antivirus package. It has perfect malware detection rates and aims to protect users against a wide range of infections and malware, in the attempt to secure your personal data from outside attacks.

Other Products 

IKARUS mobile.security for Android

IKARUS mobile.security offers an improved antivirus protection and provides its clients with a pretty decent protection against various mobile threats. The application also includes useful features, such as Security Advisor, which is great if you want to dig deeper into your device’s health. IKARUS mobile.security for Androis is a great choice for those who do not want a bunch of unnecessary features as the security app focuses on the device's security and privacy.

IKARUS mobile.security for Android

The full review of IKARUS mobile.security for Android is available here

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