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Some users are reporting about the conime.exe executable and wondering if the process is legitimate. The genuine conime.exe is the Microsoft Console Input Method Editor or IME. However, there are also some reports that a malware W32, Slurk a worm and Troj/Dldr-G trojan can camouflage as the conime.exe executable.

Conime.exe how to remove

The Conime executable 

The comime.exe executable can be understood as a language input support for tasks related to Command Prompt.[1] The executable is called whenever Command Prompt is opened as serves as an input method editor and enables users to type Asian languages in Command Prompt and other third-party programs.[2]

It is worth to mention, that if users do not use any Asian languages or applications that support them, you should not notice the process. The executable is called whenever the user downloads and installs an application or Microsoft patch that supports Asian languages.

Can the Conime executable cause security threat?

Even though often the Conime executable is genuine and legitimate, users should be aware of some malicious applications that camouflage as the conime.exe process and infect the system unnoticed.[3] There are couple occurrences, including:

  • W32, Slurk.A work – This malware is a worm that copies itself to all removable and shared drives and drops other threats to the compromised computer. The revealed location of this virus is in C:\\Windows\\System32\\drivers\\conime.exe.”
  • Troj/Dldr-G trojan – The startup entry for this program is started automatically from Run, RunOnce, RunServices or RunServicesOnce entry in the registry. This malware allows the attacker remote control to the infected computer and includes a keylogger feature. The revealed location of this virus is in C:\\Windows\\conime.exe.”

If you are using the latest Windows versions, you should not catch these types of malware. However, if you want to check if your system is not infected, you need to open Task Manager and check the conime.exe process’ location. If the executable is located in C:\\Windows\\System32, then you can be sure that your system is safe. However, if the executable appears to be located in a different location, for example, C:\\Windows\\conime.exe or C:\\Windows\\System32\\drivers\\conime.exe, then you are probably dealing with the malware. 

In order to detect and remove this malware, you should use a reliable anti-malware or antivirus application. 

Disable the conime.exe process

If you do not want the conime.exe process to pop up in Task Manager, then you have to remove every keyboard language that supports Asian languages. 

1. Open a Run window and type ‘intl.cpl’ in the box and press Enter to launch the Region window

2. Then, access the Formats tab and select Language preferences in the Region window

3. Further, find every language pack that includes Microsoft IME input method in the Language window, and remove them. 

4. When all Microsoft IME languages have been removed, restart your system. At the next reboot, open Command Prompt and Task Manager, the conime.exe process should no longer appear.

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