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HitmanPro and Defender Pro Total are quite different applications. HitmanPro is a malware removal tool, which applies innovative technologies and is capable of finding even the smallest threats. However, other features are not provided. Defender Pro Total provides a number of useful security and protection features, including privacy protection, firewall, and many others. Check out this article in order to find out which application is more suitable for you. 

HitmanPro and Defender Pro


HitmanPro[1] was developed by SurfRight, the software company which is a member of the Sophos family since 2015. The company focuses on providing innovative technology against malware, spam, phishing and other forms of cyber threats. HitmanPro is a simple but reliable malware detection and removal tool which is very lightweight. It can be used directly from a desktop, or portable external drive, such as a USB flash drive because the tool is completely portable and does not require installation. The tool delivers advanced antivirus functions, such as malware detection and removal. HitmanPro applies to cloud computing that allows the application to use multiple servers in order to determine whether a detected file is infected or clean, thus, it can find even the smallest infections on a system. 

HitmanPro Cloud Technology

If you want to use it from a PC the installation is very simple and fast. HitmanPro supports PCs that run Windows XP (only 32-bit), Vista, 7, 8.1 and 10. 

Researchers at Reviewed by Pro decided to test the software for 30 days with Windows 10 PC.  The test computer has an Intel i5 processor, 8 GB of RAM and HDD. They have provided a critical evaluation, main pros and cons and the final verdict that will be reviewed in this article.[2]


  • The scans are pretty quick. HitmanPro scanned the test computer for about 12 minutes. The scan speed also depends on how many files will be scanned and a system speed. 
  • HitmanPro offers more scan modes, including a quick scan. 
  • The quarantine function provided by HitmanPro is very useful and allows users to put detected infected files in a safe place before users will decide if they want to remove those detected threats or keep them. 
  • HitmanPro demonstrated higher than an average malware detection score. It is due to its cloud computing feature mentioned before. 


  • HitmanPro is a great malware removal tool, however, compared to other antivirus tools, HitmanPro is expensive and offers only basic features. 
  • HitmanPro also has a little bit of a confusing user interface. For example, if users want to reach the main menu, they have to tap on Settings at first. 
  • HitmanPro does not offer users a free version of the software. 

HitmanPro scan

The Final Verdict

After a 30-day test, the final verdict was introduced. Researchers noted that the application is a great malware detection and removal tool for those users, who do not need additional functions. 

Hitman Pro is a very simple anti-malware tool. That is why it is great for users who just want to check for malware while other functions are unnecessary and not important.

Defender Pro Total

Defender Pro Total[3] was developed by the Epartners LLC, a cybersecurity software company which has more than 10 years experience in the industry. Defender Pro Total was developed in order to provide consumers with an advanced protection against cyber threats, including viruses, spyware, ransomware and identity theft. The software also offers useful security features, such as real-time protection, firewall, safe browsing which can run on multiple computers. What is more, if users face any issues with the software or an annoying virus, free customer service support will be ready to help. 

Defender Pro Total is a popular software and has more than one million users in the United States. It is worth to mention that Defender Pro total is easy to use even for those who do not have much experience with PCs.

Defender Pro Total security

The download and installation are very simple and the software supports Windows operating system, including Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 (32-bit or 62-bit).

Researchers at Reviewed by Pro used the software for about a month with Windows 10 PC.[4]


  • Defender Pro Total demonstrated an advanced malware detection rates and detected more threats than similar anti-malware applications did. 
  • Defender Pro Total provides users with useful features and provides complete protection. There are three types of scans, including complete scan, quick scan, and advanced scan. 
  • Defender Pro Total does not use much system resources, so it has zero negative impact on a computer performance. In addition, the test computer did not slow down during the scan. 
  • The user interface looks modern, attractive and is very easy to operate. 
  • Defender Pro Total can be used with another security software, in order to reach maximum protection. 


  • During the scan, users are unable to browse another system menu. This could be pretty annoying. 
  • Defender Pro Total scanned the test computer for about 40 minutes, which is more than the market average.

Defender Pro antivirus

The Final Verdict

Researchers tested the software for 30 days and came up with the final verdict.

Quality computer security and antivirus software for a reasonable price with a good-looking interface and intuitive management system.

It was noted that Defender Pro Total is a trustworthy antivirus software for a reasonable price.

To Summarize

HitmanPro and Defender Pro Total provide advance antivirus features that users can rely on. Defender Pro Total has an attractive and easy to operate user interface, while HitmanPro user interface is pretty confusing. In addition, Defender Pro Total provides users with more features, including real-time protection, firewall, it protects users while they surf the Internet and also offers identity theft protection. So if you are looking a complete package for a reasonable price, Defender Pro Total is a choice for you. 

However, if you are looking for only a malware detection and removal tool, and other features are unnecessary, HitmanPro would be a solution for you. It also has a portable version, that does not require an installation, which makes very easy to clean highly-infected computers without installing the software. 

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