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G DATA Internet Security was developed in order to keep your devices secure when browsing the Web and deliver the best protection against ransomware, phishing attacks and keep you protected while surfing the Web.[1]

G DATA Review

Protection against ransomware

G DATA finds the location of ransomware and protects users against it. G DATA stops the encryption of files, so ransomware has no chance against G DATA next-generation technologies.

Safe transactions on the Web

By using G DATA Internet Security your money stays where it belongs. BankGuard feature delivers protection against manipulated websites and other malicious attacks while online banking or shopping.

The connection between the online bank and the system is often encrypted. These decryption processes of the information take place in your browser. Attackers apply banking Trojans in order to infiltrate decryption. So when a user carries out a transfer, the cybercriminals manipulate the data and the money will not be sent to an intended recipient, but possibly will end up in a different account.

G DATA virus scanner searches for banking Trojans based on their characteristics. The Internet security program is capable of rendering the malware harmless while it is being downloaded in the system if the malicious software already has a signature. In addition, Bank Guard technology protects users against unknown and new threats. G DATA ensures the protection by displaying only checked and genuine content.

G DATA BankGuard automatically detects all manipulations by banking Trojans or attempted infections and replaces the compromised memory with a secured copy.

G DATA also secures users while they send and receive emails. G DATA not only scans the hard drive and external storage devices but also checks emails for malicious content. This way you are protected against all possible threats that might infect your system from received emails. Even if the scan detects nothing, the anti-spam function is still activated and checks the email for features that can relate to spam. These characteristics calculate a value that reflects the likelihood of it being spam.

G DATA Internet Security Features

The additional security layer OutbreakShield technology compares the results to a database on the Web – samples of spam emails and malicious content are compared here. This way the gap between the start of a mass mailing and the fight against it in real time, by applying particularly adjusted signatures.

Protection while browsing and surfing

Surf as much as you want with G DATA Internet Security. The security software protects users against dangerous downloads and web pages, including social networks. G DATA virus monitor checks every file which is download from the web and can possibly infect the system, including infected documents or images. G DATA protects the system from unnoticed downloads that can pose a threat. G DATA Internet Security not only relies on hourly updated virus signatures; it also works with the Cloud solution. The properties of files that contain malicious software are stored in the Cloud memory. These properties are compared with properties in your files in order to make sure that everything is ok.

In addition, web URLs are also collected in this online memory and if a web address is identified as a distributor of any malicious content collected in the database, the browser protection blocks the malicious site. As a result, when attackers attempt to lure users in fraudulent websites using phishing links, G DATA protects you. This way users are also protected against attacks via social networks – dangerous links are blocked in the browser.

G DATA web protection checks every single file downloaded to the system while accessing a website and regardless to the Cloud detects and blocks any malicious content before you access the page.

G DATA Internet Security Firewall

What features does G DATA Internet Security offer?

  • Firewall

G DATA Firewall protection monitors all incoming and outgoing connections, in order to deliver complete protection against cybercriminals and spyware. The Firewall can work automatically or be adjusted according to users’ rules.

  • Anti-Ransomware

The advanced G DATA Anti-ransomware protection leaves no opportunity for extortion Trojans. The Internet Security detects and stops attackers that attempt to encrypt your important files or other data.

  • Anti-Spam

G DATA Anti-spam feature detects and blocks spam attempts, including advertising and phishing emails. By using G DATA Internet Security your mailbox remains clean and secured.

  • Virus Scanner

G DATA virus scanner offers users the highest detection rates and applies advanced technologies working in parallel. G DATA delivers users the most recent virus signatures every hour and provides the best protection against any type of malicious and suspicious programs and software.

  • Cloud-Backup

G DATA provides users with the Cloud-Backup feature that automatically stores encrypted backups in the Cloud. G DATA Cloud-backup works by using Dropbox or Google Drive.

  • G DATA BankGuard

G DATA delivers its customers patented G DATA Bank Guard technology that protects and secures your browsers against manipulation and other attacks by data thieves and hackers. G DATA BankGuard ensures that your online banking and shopping is protected and secured, so you can bank and spend money online without any worries that your money will end up in thieves accounts.

G DATA Internet Security real time

  • Parental Controls

G DATA also provides users with Parental Controls that enables parents to monitor and control their children’s internet usage and online activities. G DATA Parental Controls allows parents to specify kids’ online times, and control the websites their browsing and surfing. This way your children are protected against potential threats and can surf only approved sites.

  • Exploit Protection

G DATA Internet Security protects your system against criminals that aim to exploit security bugs in Office applications, PDF readers and more.

30-day Money Back Guarantee

If you want to try G DATA Internet Security but not sure if it is right for you, do not worry. G DATA offers a 30-day money back guarantee so you can purchase the Internet Security without any risk.

System Requirements

G DATA Internet Security supports PCs that run Microsoft Windows 10, 8.x, 7 with minimum 2 GB of RAM. All of the mentioned functions in G DATA Internet security are available o 32 and 62 bit systems. In addition, Internet connection is required for installation of the security software and for virus signature and software updates.


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