F-Secure Total 2018 user manual

by Linas Kiguolis - -

This short user manual will provide you with guidelines how to install F-Secure Internet Security software on your Windows PC. In addition, it will also help you to understand the main functions of the application.


Before installing the software keep in mind that the valid subscription key and the Internet connection are required. It is also important that F-Secure will automatically uninstall other antivirus and similar applications on your system.

In order to install the program take the following steps:

  1. Open an installation file and choose the language. Then, click Next.
  2. Review the license agreement and press Accept. (If you press the Decline button the installation will be stopped.
  3. Enter the subscription key in the text box and click Next.
  4. Choose the type of installation to be installed. We recommend you to choose the automatic installation, as it includes all of the features. Click Next and F-Secure will begin to install.
  5. In order to complete the installation restart the PC. Once the PC has been restarted the application will validate the Subscription Key. Click the Next button to continue.

Set up Parental Controls

If you want to set up Parental Controls, follow the next steps:

  1. Read the options and select the preferred and click Next.
  2. The next window allows you to limit the daily browsing time of children. Select the amount of time and click Next.
  3. The next window allows you to select the time of day that children can browse. Select the time and click Next.
  4. Then, you will have to create and enter a parental control password. Click Next to continue.
  5. Set a hint for your password and click Next to continue.
  6. Parental control features are all set. Click Finish and restart the computer.

Scanning for viruses

If you want to perform a full scan take the following steps:

  1. Launch F-Secure and click on Tasks.
  2. Now click on Scan and select Full computer scan
  3. The full computer scan will begin to perform.

If the application detects any malicious icons it will remove or repair the issue automatically. Once the scan is completed, the application will provide users with an option to look at the scan report.

Enable Real-Time Scanning

  1. Launch F-Secure and click on Settings.
  2. Change the setting as needed and click OK.

Enable Scheduled Scanning

  1. Launch F-Secure and click on Settings.
  2. Select the checkbox next to Turn on scheduled scanning.
  3. Once you enable the Scheduled Scanning option, adjust the preferred options and click OK to finish.

Scanning E-mail

  1. Real-Time Scanning option includes email scanning.
  2. Click OK to finish.
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