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F-Secure Total is developed by a cybersecurity company based in Finland F-Secure. F-Secure was established in 1988 and has more than 25 years of experience in the industry. The company focuses on providing cybersecurity products such as antivirus, password management, endpoint security and other software for home and business users.[1]

F Secure Total Review 2018

When it comes to Windows security products, the company has developed four versions of the security software for Windows users, including F-Secure Total, F-Secure SAFE, and Freedome VPN. 

F-Secure Total offers Internet security and VPN services for all devices. The package combines the award-winning security of F-Secure Safe and the privacy application Freedome VPN. F-Secure Total starts at 9.99 € per month or 99.99 € per year and can cover up to 5 devices’ protection. F-Secure Total also offers a 30-day trial for up to 3 devices. The trial period does not obligate users to purchase the product. 

F-Secure Total is compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 (SP1) with Intel Pentium 4 or higher. It also requires at least 1 GB of memory and 1.2 GB of free disk space. The internet connection is also required to validate the subscriptions and receive updates. 

Test results

Antivirus protection

F-Secure uses same antivirus protection techniques for all its Windows PC users. The defenses combine a traditional signature matching engine to detect known exploits, and DeepGuard, the company’s own behavioral monitoring which searches for suspicious behaviors and apps in order to catch zero-day malware. All suspicious icons and files from tens of millions of users are sent to the company’s cloud-based servers for further investigation. 

F Secure Total computer is protected

The antivirus package also protects users while browsing or banking online. 

According to the test results, F-Secure demonstrates nearly perfect malware detection rates. However, it delivers many annoying false positives. 


F-Secure Total combines the award-winning antivirus protection and privacy protection. In addition, it protects users while browsing and banking online. Parental controls protect users’ family with one subscription and enable users to set boundaries for kids’ device use. It also provides advanced ransomware protection by monitoring important files and folders and blocking ransomware from encrypting them. 

F Secure device is protected

F-Secure Total also provides a VPN service that protects users’ privacy, allows them to access blocked content, secured Wi-Fi, blocks malicious sites and unwanted third-party tracking. 

System-performance impact and scans

F-Secure has a relatively high impact on system performance and uses a huge amount of system resources. F-Secure slows down the system by approximately 16% while working in the background. During active scans the software slowdowns the system even more – by about 60%.

F-Secure Settings

F-Secure Total offers various types of scans, users can choose to examine full system or selected files and folders. It also checks email attachments and has a sandbox for safety. It also offers users to schedule scans daily, weekly or monthly. The scans are pretty quick – a full system scan was completed in about 10 minutes. 

User interface

F-Secure has a very simple and easy to use interface. The main interface window allows users for an immediate scan with a single click, all options are easily accessible. The interface looks fresh and combines white windows, with light-blue and dark-blue accents. An online F-Secure account is only accessible from the company’s website my-f-secure.com but not from the interface.

F-Secure Security and PrivacyThe final verdict

F-Secure Total is a very reliable antivirus solution which delivers advanced antivirus protection. The package also includes a VPN service and protects users’ privacy. However, it lacks some other additional features, other security applications offer, such as backup software, online storage or anti-theft features. F-Secure Total also has a heavy impact on a system and slows down computer performances. 

Feature Score
Antivirus protection Very good
Additional features Not many
System-performance impact Heavy
Scanning performance Scans are quick but slow down a system
User interface Looks fresh and simple

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