ExpensiveWall hits Android Users

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Researchers warn Android users about malware, which is distributed via the Google Play store.

ExpensiveWall malware

According to Check Point, the latest version of the ExpensiveWall malware possibly compromised approximately 50 apps available on Google Play.[1]

Android consumers will have to get rid of the offending applications in order to remove the malware which potentially subscribed them to paid Bogus services.

The infected applications send fake premium SMS texts to consumers and charge them for fraudulent pay services that victims never signed up for.[2]

The compromised applications include “Lovely Wallpaper”, “ToolBox Pro”, “Horoscope”, “Color Camera”, “I love Filter”, “X WALLPAPER” and “X Wallpaper Pro”.

Google removed the infected apps from the Google Play Store just after Check Point noticed the malicious apps. However, these apps were downloaded from 1 million to 4.2 million times.

So, if you downloaded one or a couple of the mentioned compromised apps, your handset has a potential risk. In order to protect your device, make sure to manually remove all the downloaded malicious apps.

Security vendor McAfee made the announcement about ExpensiveWall in January, 2017. In total, this malware and variations of it were downloaded from 5.9 million to 21.1 million times.

ExpensiveWall is a never-ending problem for security professionals. Check Point noted that after the boost of compromised apps, another sample made its way to the Google Play Store within a couple of days and infected over 5,000 Android devices before Google blocked it.

According to Check Point, “What makes ExpensiveWall different than its other family members is that it is 'packed' – an advanced obfuscation technique used by malware developers to encrypt malicious code – allowing it to evade Google Play's built-in anti-malware protections”.

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