Even though phishing awareness raises, the rate increases

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Organizations that measure end-user threats discovered 64% increase between 2015 and 2016. Additionally, phishing attacks do not decrease.

Phishing threats

Wombat Security Technologies State reported that 76% of infosecurity experts indicated that their businesses experienced phishing attacks this year. Approximately a half of the respondents (51%) also said that the volume of phishing cases is growing. Thus, even though training and awareness is rising, the rate of phishing remains high.[1]

In addition, around 38% of the respondents cited that a failure of staff activity has the largest impact on information and data loss, or infected accounts.

Moreover, the research revealed the main cultural difference between American and British employees. Almost a half of the respondents (49%) in the US indicated that they check work email on their personal device, while in the UK the number is way lower (29%). Similarly, half of the US respondents check their personal email on their work computer, compared to 31% in the UK.[2]

The aim of this survey was to reveal general tendencies of consumers’ awareness on phishing, and also the knowledge of ransomware. There were 65% who answered correctly to the question “what is phishing?”, while only 48% were able to tell what ransomware is.

End-users who were unable to identify the threats of ransomware also do not demonstrate secure behaviors, including backing up files properly.

According to Eric Ogren, the senior security analyst:

“Social attacks take advantage of employees trying to be helpful so it stands to reason that social awareness of attack methods plays a critical role in protecting against phishing. Enterprises with corporate phishing education programs empower employees to help protect themselves and the business.”

The data from tens of millions of imitated malicious emails of more than a year was analyzed in the latest report, which is 155% more data compared to the prior report. In addition, over 500 more respondents from infosecurity professionals participated in the survey and over 2,000 more computer users were from both US and UK.

“Staying vigilant and implementing a continuous training methodology is key to securing organizations. We've seen an increase in organizations making an investment in an end user security training and awareness program with 66% of infosec professionals now measuring their organization's susceptibility to phishing and 92% training end users on how to identify and avoid phishing attacks”, indicated Joe Ferrara, CEO of Wombat.

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