ESET NOD32 Antivirus vs McAfee LifeSafe

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Both ESET and McAfee are well-known in cybersecurity industry and are used by millions of consumers around the world. In addition, they both offer Internet protection for your mobile devices, and machines run by Windows, Android or macOS, for businesses and individuals.

ESET NOD32 vc McAfee LifeSafe

This article will provide the consumer who is looking for a security software the main pros and cons of ESET NOD32 and McAfee LifeSafe Internet security packages.

ESET NOD32 Antivirus

To start with, ESET was founded in 1992 and offers its customers anti-virus and firewall products. The company was founded in Slovakia and has been awarded to be the best Slovakian company for three times. The ESET NOD32 Antivirus 2017 is the latest software version provided by this company.[1]

eset antivirus

The security team at Reviewed by Pro[2] tested the newest version of the application to check its antivirus features.


  • After the detailed research of the antivirus, researchers at Reviewed by Pro revealed the pros: Reviewed by Pro noticed that ESET NOD32 has one of the best detection and removal rates in cybersecurity market and it got rid of nearly all of the malicious programs. Researchers also added that it coped with the most dangerous virus samples the tested computer was infected with.
  • Impressive and probably one of the best anti-phishing systems in the industry. Researchers have tested the software on all phishing samples and the app removed all the threats very quickly.
  • The test also disclosed advanced real-time protection. It showed impressive performance while researchers tried to install new malware while the NOD32 was fully running and updated.
  • When it comes to customer support, ESET offers you really helpful and free-of-charge tech team.
  • The user-interface also impressed Reviewed by Pro team; good-looking and easily operating navigation system. However, sometimes very small text on some of the settings makes it bit annoying, especially if you are looking for a feature in a hurry.
  • The customer support operates quickly and can be contacted either by phone or email.

eset internet security 


Even though, the researchers indicated that “It is not easy to find a disadvantage when you review such a powerful application like the new ESET NOD32 Antivirus.”

Reviewed by Pro provided these couple cons disclosed:

  • Researchers indicated that the boot time takes a few seconds longer than the market average.
  • An additional fee to remove a malware if a user got infected before installing the security package.


The overall verdict

According to security researchers at Reviewed by Pro, ESET NOD 32 demonstrated great results in basically every task. It would be a great choice either for individuals and businesses that require high malware detection and removal rates, anti-phishing feature and advanced real-time protection.

“ESET NOD32 managed to make a user interface that is good enough for both types of users. Despite this fact, probably the number one thing a person is looking for when choosing an anti-virus program is perfect virus detection and removal rates along with an advanced anti-phishing system. Be assured that ESET NOD32 has all of it. The developers at ESET proved once again that they aren't among the leaders in the competition for nothing.”

 McAfee LifeSafe

Another antivirus software reviewed in this article is McAfee LifeSafe. The security vendor that established McAfee Life Safe is based in the United States, California and it is operated by Intel Corporation. The company offers its customers Internet security products since 1987. According to the security researchers, McAfee can be called a veteran of the cybersecurity industry and it said to be the world’s largest dedicated security technology company.[3]

mcafee antivirus

In addition, McAfee LifeSafe protects your device not only from malicious software, but also it helps you protect your kids by filtering and monitoring online content.

If you purchase the full version of McAfee security you can install it on all your family devices.


After the investigation by Reviewed by Pro[4], researchers disclosed advantages:

  • McAfee offers users many useful features that include filtering and monitoring online content that create a safe online experience for your kids.
  • Researchers also noted the very a price for the license. In addition, once you pay for the software, you can add it on every gadget you own, no matter if it runs Windows or macOS.
  • Good virus detection and removal rate. After the scan, the antivirus got rid of detected viruses successfully. However, McAfee didn’t detect all the viruses in the infected PC.
  • Worth to mention user interface. It is very easy to use even for those users who don’t have much experience with computers.

 mcafee internet security


Just like any other software, McAfee includes some downsides. After the test, researchers at Reviewed by Pro revealed some disappointing facts about the Internet security software.

  • The first scan noticeably slowed down the computer performance and PS’s cooling fan also started to work loudly during the scan which took approximately 30 minutes. It is worth to mention, that testing others providers’ software the computer never worked that slow.
  • When it comes to macOS devices, the McAfee does not show the best performance, including poor anti-malware protection and virus removal.
  • In addition, if you choose McAfee for your Mac you will also receive fewer software features, compared to Windows.


The Final Verdict

Even though the antivirus solution did not fully fulfill researchers’ expectations, McAfee is a great choice for individuals and households who do not require high security.

“McAfee LiveSafe is user-friendly software with a nice interface and many features, even though it slows down the computer during the scan. Additionally, it has an average virus detection rate. We would recommend it for households with many devices that want an optimal choice for their safety.”

To summarize

The security packages Reviewed by Pro compared turned out to target different segments. As a result, if you require advanced security with great detection and removal rates, anti-phishing and advanced real-time protection for both businesses and individuals ESET NOD32 security is just right for you.

However, if you require Internet security for the whole family, that include more features and protects your children, McAfee is right for you. In addition, McAfee also can be a great choice for those who have many devices at home.


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