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ESET provides users with comprehensive protection for Android[1] smartphones and tablets, including proactive Anti-Theft features. ESET provides protection while you browsing the Internet, shopping or banking online, or even when you connect to social networking.

Eset mobile review

Browse the web safely, whenever you go

Mobile threats targeting Android devices are increasing, especially on the Internet. With ESET Mobile Security for Android, you will be protected against malicious websites and foreign interfaces. ESET provides a proven NOD32 technology in order to ensure that apps you want to download are safe. It also uncovers potentially unwanted applications and provides an anti-phishing system to secure your personal data. ESET Mobile Security for Android includes following antivirus free features.

  • Real-time Scanner

Real-time scanning feature makes sure that all applications and communications are scanned for malicious software. This way, ESET protects your device from online and offline mobile threats and USSD code attacks.

  • On-demand Scanning

ESET Mobile Security for Android offers users to perform an on-demand scan whenever they recognize suspicious file or behavior. The scan works in the background and does not interrupt any activities on the system. The scan will reveal even the smallest threats.

  • ESET Live Grid

ESET Mobile Security for Android applies in-the-cloud technology in order to ensure real-time protection against emerging mobile threats. ESET in-the-cloud-technology collects malicious software and malware samples from ESET users across the globe.

  • Detection of Potentially Unwanted Apps

ESET Mobile Security for Android uncovers applications that could potentially exploit your device’s information or functions. This early detection safeguards you from attempts to send text messages or call to premium numbers.

In addition to free features, ESET also provides Internet Security features for Premium users:

  • Anti-Phishing

Proactive ESET Mobile Security Anti-Phishing system blocks dangerous and suspicious links and websites that attempt to acquire your personal and sensitive information, such as usernames, passwords, credit card details or banking information.

  • Apps Permissions

The information about installed apps and their permissions are all organized into groups and provided to the user.

  • Scheduled Scan

ESET Mobile Security for Android enables you to schedule scans for malware when it best suits you.

  • Quarantine

Every detected treat is moved to quarantine, where it won’t harm you or your device.

ESET mobile antivirus

What if your device went missing

ESET Mobile Security for Android Free provides users with free SMS commands that give users a control if their device goes missing by sending SMS message from any device

Free Features – SMS Commands

  • Remote Lock

ESET Mobile Security allows users to lock the phone remotely. This way you prevent unauthorized access to the information stored on the phone.

  • GPS Localization

Users are able to remotely locate their missing device using its GPS coordinates via remote SMS command.

  • Remote Siren

Remote Scan feature helps users to find their device by activating siren sound remotely.

In addition to free features, ESET Mobile Security for Android provides Premium users with Proactive Anti-theft features that enable them to control a missing phone via So if your device goes missing do not panic because ESET can help you to protect your data and find your phone.

Premium Features include the following:

  • Proactive Anti-Theft

Proactive Anti-Theft feature detects suspicious behavior and starts to act. Whenever incorrect screen lock (PIN, pattern, password) or unauthorized SIM is inserted, the device gets locked. It also takes a snapshot from the camera and send it together with the detailed information with the phone’s location, IP address and inserted SIM details to

  • Custom on-screen Message

Users are able to send a custom message to the missing device in order to contact the finder.

  • Location Tracking

If the device is marked as missing, the location of it is automatically sent to

  • Camera Snapshots

If the device is marked as missing, snapshots are automatically sent to

  • Low Battery Alert

If the device battery is low, the current position and camera snapshot are also automatically sent to

  • SIM Guard

If unauthorized SIM card is inserted, you will still be able to receive remote command. Your pre-defined trusted users will receive the unauthorized inserted SIM’s phone number, IMSI, and the device’s IMEI.

  • Anti-Theft Optimization

If your phone is stolen, fine-tune the anti-theft web interface increases your chances of getting it back.

ESET Mobile android

Calling and Messaging are secured with ESET Mobile Security

ESET Mobile Security for Android enables users to block whoever they want, whenever they want. From now, with ESET you do not have to put up with calls and messages you do not want to.

Premium Features include the following:

  • SMS & Call Filter

ESET Mobile Security for Android enables users to receive calls and text messages from what they want.

  • Time-based blocking

You can block calls and SMS messages from specific numbers only during specific times.

  • Call/SMS Blocking

ESET Mobile Security for Android enables users to block calls or SMS messages from a specific user or user group. Users can use their Android contact groups, such as family, friends, work and apply rules for each group. In addition, users are able to block all calls from hidden numbers.

  • Block Last Caller

ESET allows you to block the last callers and prevent future calls from this number.

ESET Mobile Security for Android is also tablet friendly

ESET safe technology

The new tablet-friendly security application provides you easy access to loads of security functions to your Android tablet

  • Tablet Support

ESET designed the application responsive for tablets, so the Mobile Security for Android is available horizontally and vertically. Features that do not support tablets, and are only available on smartphones, such as Block Last Caller, etc, are hidden on tablets.

  • Small Updates

ESET Mobile Security for Android provides users with small security updates in order to ensure their safety and the latest protection without interruptions or slowdowns.

  • New Interface

The new interface is designed in order to complement your Android experience. All security functions and features are easy to reach with a single click. In addition, users are always informed about all important issues.

Free Premium trial

If you want to try ESET Mobile Security for Android Premium version, you do not have to purchase it right away. Download ESET Mobile Security and get Premium features for 30 days for free!

ESET Mobile Security for Android is available at the Google Play app store.

System Requirements

ESET Mobile Security for Android supports smartphones and tablets that run Android 4.0 or later.

The Device RAM 512 MB, touch screen with minimum 240x320px resolution, processor 500+ MHz ARM7+. In addition, Internet connection is required.

Dual SIM and rooted devices are not supported.

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