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eScan Internet Security Suite is developed by an Information Security solution provider MicroWorld Technologies.

The company focuses on providing protection against current and evolving cyber threats. MicroWorld develops various security products including Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Content Security, Anti-Spam, and Network Intrusion Prevention solutions.

eScan Internet Security Suite Review

MicroWorld was incorporated in 1993 in the USA. Today the company’s products cover the entire security spectrum.

MicroWorld's products have passed several rigorous tests and certifications conducted by reputed independent evaluators and achieved several certifications and awards from some of the most prestigious testing bodies, notable among them being Virus Bulletin, AV-Test, AV-Comparatives and PCSL labs.

The company develops solutions for home users and businesses. Home products include eScan Universal Security Suite (Multi-device), can protect up to 5 devices and starts at $61.95 for 2 devices per year.

  • eScan Total Security Suite for Windows computers is specially designed to provide real-time protection. The package starts at $55.95 per year and covers one device.
  • eScan Internet Security Suite is a comprehensive antivirus and content security solution starting at $45.95 per year for a single computer.
  • eScan Anti-Virus is an entry-level antivirus solution and starts at $29.95 per for a single device.

The company also provides home users and small businesses with a security solution for Macs, Linux Desktops, Mobile Security for Android, Tablet Security for Android, and security apps for iOS devices.

Test results

We tested eScan Internet Security Suite on our Windows 10 test device. Users can protect up to 5 Windows devices with a license. The download and installation were easy. The application is suitable for Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP 32-bit and 64-bit editions.

eScan ISS ati-virus settingsAntivirus protection

Once installed, eScan Internet Security suite performed a full system scan. The first impression of the program was great. It detected all of the infected files, just missed couple pieces of adware.

The independent German-based testing lab tested the application in July and August of 2018. The product was focused on a realistic scenario and challenged against real-world threats.

However, eScan Internet Security Suite detected only 97.5% and 98.7% zero-day malware attacks in July and August tests. The detection of widespread and prevalent malware was 100%.

Additional features

eScan Internet Security Suite is a mid-priced security suite that includes a decent set of features:

  • Smart Proactive Protection
  • Anti-Spam feature filters out unwanted e-mail and delivers reports about any detected spam.
  • Auto Back Up and Restore feature automatically restores important user data.
  • Parental control allows users to monitor kids’ online activities.
  • Real-time Protection
  • Endpoint Security feature prevents data thefts and Virus infections via USB or Firewire-based portable storage device.
  • On-Demand scanning feature scans files, folders, memory, registry, services, and all storage devices.
  • Cloud technology identifies and protects the device against lates and unknown threats.
  • Two Way Firewall filters incoming and outgoing network activities and protects against network-based attacks.
  • The Secure Delete feature deletes files and folders to prevent misuse of personal data.
  • File and Folder Protection prevents files and folders from getting corrupted.
  • The Safe Mode Password Protection restricts unauthorized users to boot into safe mode without entering a password.

System-performance impact

While using eScan Internet Security Suite we did not notice any negative impact on a system. In addition, AV-TEST rated the application’s performance 6.0 out of 6.0, as it demonstrated performance rates better than the market average.

It slowed down the system when launching popular websites by 18%, slower downloading of frequently-used apps by 1%, slower launching of standard software apps by 15%, slower the installation of frequently-used apps by 20%, and had no impact while copying files.

eScan Internet Security Suite scan

Scanning performance

When it comes to scanning features, the scan feature is accessible from any screen at the lower-left corner. The application allows users to scan the entire device, USB drives, CD-Rom drive, create a custom scan or only scan the device’s memory, registry, and running services.

The scans are quite long. The full system scan took almost 2 hours.

Customer support

eScan offers users 24/7 online support in English to all customers, resellers, and distributors through emails, telephone, and live chat. There is also local language support available in all regions Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm local time.

In addition, the company provides users with MicroWorld’s Knowledge Base that includes FAQs, users can also discuss and share ideas at the forum at

eScan ISS main window

User interface

eScan Internet Security Suite has a very simple interface which is easy to use, however, the interface seems a bit outdated.

The main window displays the available features and functions that include firewall, anti-spam tools, privacy controls, vulnerability scan, and anti-theft tools. Each tool is highlighted either red or green. Red means that the feature is unavailable and needs to be enabled, while the green indicates that the feature is currently running. It also displays some statistics relevant to each section, such as a number of files scanned and so on.



Antivirus protection

Lower than the average

Security and Privacy features

A very decent set of extras

Scanning performance

Various scanning options, good performance

System-performance hit


User interface

Simple but can look outdated

The final verdict

eScan Internet Security Suite has various great features, such as online backup or Secure Delete feature, however, it scores lower than average in antivirus protection. This security suite is a great choice for beginners and average internet users that look for decent and useful features with a minimal system-performance impact. 

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