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There are many cases when users installing some kind of program have missed to uncheck a particular checkbook and allows the installation of a browser toolbar. Sometimes these toolbars are easy to remove and sometimes they are not. If. These toolbars can have a negative impact on system’s speed and browsing experience. There are many ways how to remove unwanted toolbars, however, if you want to remove them manually it can seem a bit tricky and too complex for an average user. Sometimes third-party software can help you to do all the job and remove unwanted toolbars for you! That is why Easy Toolbar Remover was developed.[1]

Easy Toolbar Remover

As the name suggest Easy Toolbar Remover quickly and easily removes toolbars[2] from Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. Easy Toolbar Remover can help users to identify each toolbar that has been installed to the browser and remove only selected toolbars. In addition, the software also removes Browser Helper Objects[3] that also impact the browser’s speed and performance.


  • Get rid of unwanted toolbars from Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox

Easy Toolbar Remover locates and gets rid of toolbars from three major browsers including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. You do not need to do anything, except a few simple mouse clicks.

  • Users can identify each toolbar installed on the browser

Even though not all downloaded toolbars are visible to users by default, Easy Toolbar Remover enables users to locate and identify all toolbars. It does not even matter if those toolbars are active or not, users will be able to detect them all.

  • Easy Toolbar Remover improved PC startup times

You are probably aware that many toolbars load at startup that is why these unwanted toolbars that were installed without users’ permission or knowledge can have a negative impact on startup times. As it was mentioned before, Easy Toolbar Remover will detect and get rid of those toolbars quickly and easily.

  • Get rid of Browser Helper Objects or BHOs

If your browser started to act weirdly it is possible that Browser Helper Objects are impacting your browser performance in a negative way. Easy Toolbar Remover detects and gets rid of not only toolbars but Browser Helper Objects as well.

Installation and setup

The installation and setup of the software are very easy. Once installed, Easy Toolbar Remover starts to do its job and locate each toolbar installed on your browser. The tool will remove only selected toolbars on your PC. It also will eliminate Browser Helper Objects that also impact on the browser’s and computer’s speed.

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