Defender Pro Total uninstall guide

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How to uninstall Defender Pro Total

This is a short description (user manual) on how to uninstall Defender Pro anti-virus application from your computer. By following these steps, you will uninstall this software from your device in minutes.

We would like you to keep in mind that this is the uninstallation guide for Windows 10 operating system. However, most of these steps also apply to other versions of the Windows OS.

How to uninstall Defender Pro Total from Windows 10 operating system

1. First of all, if you want to remove Defender Pro from your Windows 10 operating system, you should close this program. In other words, when the program is active, Windows does not let you do this. If you want to uninstall any program from windows 10, you should always close it first. After closing the application, go to the bottom left of the screen and press the “Windows” button.

2. When a pop-up window appears, press the button with the “Gear” icon as shown in the picture. This button will redirect you to another step of Defender Pro Total uninstallation.


3. After that, the Windows operating system will redirect you to the system settings page. Here you need to find the button for Apps. Click it.

4. Here you see all the applications installed on your device. Find the search bar.

5. Type in “Defender” and you will see Defender Pro on the list. Press on its logo and the line will expand. There are two options: Modify and Uninstall. Press “Modify” if you want to change something, or press “Uninstall” if you want to completely uninstall the application.

6. So, to delete the application, click “Uninstall”.

7. You will see this question: “Are you sure you want to remove Defender Pro?”. Press “No” if you have changed your mind, or press “Yes” if you agree to remove Defender Pro Total.

8. Now you must choose the language. Press “OK”.

9. In this window, press “Uninstall”.

10. Now you should see the progress bar with the green line. When the green line reaches the end of the bar, it means that you successfully eliminated the anti-malware program from your PC.

11. Here is the last window of the uninstallation process. You must choose whether to reboot the computer now or to do it later manually. It is recommended to press “Reboot now” so that the app could be completely removed with all its components.

Let's hope that this user guide resolved your problems and answered your questions.

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