Defender Pro Total review, manual and guides

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Defender Pro Total review

Defender Pro Total is an Internet security and antivirus software which protects your computer against viruses, Trojans, worms, malware, spyware and other types of malicious files[1]. Defender Pro Total was created in the United States of America, CN, by the Epartners LLC Company. This company calls itself a leader in Antivirus & Online Security for over 10 Years.

You can either download a trial version of the software or buy a full version of it on this page. This company also makes other Internet security tools.

In the words of the developers, Defender Pro Total was created for the sole purpose of providing its users the best and innovative computer protection with a user-friendly and affordable price. Defender Pro Total is very popular in the North of America and it has over one million users. This software is made for a non-experienced home user who faces computer security troubles.  

Pros Cons Verdict
Reasonable price for a good product Slow scanning performance

Quality computer security and antivirus software for a reasonable price

Doesn't slow down the computer during the scan
Works fine with another antivirus software

Downloading and Installing Defender Pro Total

If you want to download Defender Pro Total, you can find the installation file on this page. The installation file package weights about 13 Mb (it varies on different versions of the software) and will be downloaded very fast.

Defender Pro Total is compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10 operating system versions. The installation of the package is very standard and takes just a couple of seconds. Straight after the installation, the system updates itself. It took about 2 minutes to update the database of the anti-malware application.

Defender Pro Total test results

After the update of the database, the software opened the Dashboard. The interface[2] looks quite pretty and understandable. It has four main buttons: Antivirus, System Security, Real-time scanner, and history. It’s really simple, but not bad.

The system has three types of scanning:

  • Complete scan – a complete scan of your system including active memory, and all files and directories.
  • Quick scan – a scan of critical and highest-risk areas of your system.
  • Advanced scan – a scan of the specific directories of your computer.

We performed the full scan[3] of the computer as it was recommended by another user. We noticed that the scan was going slowly compared to other similar antivirus software. But the good news was that the speed of the computer didn’t decrease during the scan.

It was a good sign of quality software. We closed the window of the Defender Pro Total and the scanning was performed in the system’s background. One annoying thing we noticed was that while the software was performing the scan, there were no possibilities to browse other system menus.

The whole scan took about forty minutes and the application found 5 threats on our computer. The strange thing is that our AVG Antivirus didn’t find anything during all this time (6 months). We tested Defender Pro Total for about 2 months and this is what we noticed: this software worked stably and was not affecting the speed of the computer during the scans.

Defender Pro caught some threats other anti-malware programs failed to notice.

During the testing period, we caught some malicious files from different websites while our another antivirus program didn’t react to any internet security threats. Also, we noticed that this program can operate with another antivirus software without any problems and in this way you can double your computer's chances so be safe.

Defender Pro Total customer reviews

We browsed the Internet for some feedback and rumors about Defender Pro Total and didn’t find anything negative. We could mention that there was some negative feedback about the Defender 5 in 1 software 7 years ago in some forums, but we think that this information is not relevant nowadays.  

Defender Pro Lifetime

Defender Pro Lifetime provides a one-time payment for Lifetime PC Protection.The package includes a license for 5 years without any renewal fees. It includes features such as antispyware, anti-ransomware, antimalware, identity theft protection, private browsing feature and more. 

Defender Pro LifeTime

If you want to find out more about Defender Pro Lifetime, click here.

The final verdict

Quality computer security and antivirus software for a reasonable price with a good-looking interface and intuitive management system.

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