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Defender Pro Mac Security[1] is developed by the American-based digital security company Defender Pro.

Defender Pro was founded over ten years ago as a security and antivirus provider for Windows users. The company offers Windows users Defender Pro Total and Defender Pro Lifetime packages that protect millions of Internet users worldwide.

Defender Pro Security for Mac Review

Defender Pro provides solutions to help individuals and businesses guarantee the security, availability, and integrity of their information. The company applies award-winning technology in order to deliver a variety of unique security solutions that ensure the protection of every user.[2]

Defender Pro Mac Security is the latest product by Defender Pro. The antivirus package starts at $49.95 a year for a single device. In addition, the company offers users 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee and if you are not happy with the product, you can ask for a refund. 

Defender Pro's trusted antivirus is now available for your Mac! Defender Pro protects your family or small business from serious viruses that threaten your personal information. Let Defender Pro keep your Mac running safely and smoothly.

Defender Pro Mac Security requires Mac OS X Mavericks 10.10.5 or higher.

Defender Pro Security for Mac AccountTest results

Researchers at Reviewed by Pro used the software for about two weeks in order to test it. The antivirus for Mac application is still new and has not been tested by any other testing labs or security researchers. We used a MacBook Air 13 Inch to evaluate the software’s antivirus protection, feature set, system-performance impact, scanning performance, customer support, and user interface.

Antivirus protection

Defender Pro Mac Security aims to protect Macs against malicious software, and viruses. The company applies trustworthy and reliable antivirus protection technology, combining signature-matching engine and heuristic monitoring, to detect new and widespread threats. In addition, all the suspicious icons are sent to the company’s cloud-based servers for further analysis.

We had some infected files and malicious software samples installed on our test Mac. Once we installed the application, we performed the full system scan. The application detected most of the installed files and quarantined it.

In order to provide a critical evaluation of the antivirus, we wanted to compare it to the test results by independent testing labs. However, as it was mentioned before, Defender Pro Mac Security was not tested by any of the bigger independent testing labs, such as AV-TEST or AV-Comparatives, thus, it is hard to measure the overall antivirus performance.

Defender Pro Mac Protected

Additional features

Defender Pro Mac Security is a very simple and lightweight application. It does not include many additional features but instead focuses on antivirus and AntiMalware protection.

Defender Pro MacSecurity includes the following features:

  • Mac Antivirus protection protects Macs against malicious software and viruses. In order to provide users with the best protection possible, Defender Pro applies the award-winning technology. 
  • Real-time detector protects users against the latest zero-day threats. It provides users with a direct line to Defender Pro for all the latest threat intelligence.
  • Quarantine & Whitelist features allow users to quarantine questionable files and check them again later.
  • Clear System of Threats. Defender Pro Mac Security not only detects threats and successfully cleans the system of adware, junk files and more.

Defender Pro Security for Mac quick scan

System-performance impact

As we tested the Defender Pro Mac Security application, it did not have any notable impact on our test Mac and did not slow down or disturbed the device’s performance neither working in the background or during scans. However, as it was mentioned before, the application was not tested by any big independent antivirus test, so it is hard to tell how it would perform on multiple devices.

Scanning performance

Defender Pro Mac Security, just like Defender Pro for Windows, offers users three types of scan modes:

  • A Complete scan, which scans the full system, including active memory, all files, and directories.
  • A Quick scan which scans only critical high-risk parts of the system.
  • An Advanced scan which only scans the specific directories on your Mac.

The scans are quick and do not drain the system or its resources. However, it is quite annoying that we could not browse the system menu while the scan was performing.

The scan took an average of 35-40 minutes and provided us with the accurate results.

Defender Pro Security for Mac  system scan

Customer Support

Defender Pro provides users with a friendly customer support. Users can submit a ticket to the certain department, including Defender Pro Antivirus & Online Security, Defender Driver Control, Defender Pro Online Backup, Defender Pro PC Medic, Defender Pro Mac Medic, Defender Pro Mac Antivirus and Billing. In addition, users can contact Defender Pro technicians team via phone.

The support webpage also includes online PC Medic and Installation guide.

User interface

The interface is simple and easy to use. Just like the Windows version of the software, the interface has a side menu bar which includes five main buttons, including Dashboard, Scan, Quarantine, Preferences and My account. The interface looks clean and attractive.

Feature Score
Antivirus protection Unknown
Additional features Feature set covers security essentials
System-performance impact Low impact on a system while working in the background
Scanning performance Scans are longer than the market average but do not drain the system
User interface Modern looking and easy to use

The final verdict

Defender Pro Mac Security is a simple but effective antivirus system for Mac. It does not include various additional features but has efficient antivirus rates, essential features, great performance, and a simple interface. The package will be just right for those, who want simple, lightweight and understandable security package for their Macs.

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