Cyberattack website Webstesser[.]org was taken down by Europol

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A world’s largest DDoS-for-hire market Webstresser[.]org which has over 136,000 registered users and is said to be behind over 4 million cyber attacks as of April 2018 was smacked down. The DDoS-for-Hire market enabled its users to take down domains and knock websites offline just for $18 per month.[1]

Webstresser closed by Europol

Europol has supported a multi-national investigation that combined Operation Power Off led by the Dutch National High Tech Crime Unit and the UK’s National Crime Agency, FBI and a number of law enforcement agencies worldwide. The investigation led to the arrest of the owners and administrators of Webstresser[.]org and shut down of the service completely. The site’s infrastructure which was installed in the US, the Netherlands, and Germany, was also seized. 

According to Europol,[2] the largest DDoS-for-hire market’s administrators were found in Canada, Serbia, Croatia, and the UK. The further investigation against the top users led to locations in Australia, Canada, Croatia, Italy, the Netherlands, Span, and the UK. 

The cheap DDoS-as-a-service enabled would-be-cybercriminals and hacktivist to get into the website-blocking game. 

It used to be that in order to launch a DDoS attack, one had to be pretty well-versed in internet technology. That is no longer the case,” said Europol. “With webstresser[.]org, any registered user could pay a nominal fee using online payment systems or cryptocurrencies, to rent out the use of stressers and booters. Fees on offer were as low as EUR 15.00 a month, thus allowing individuals with little to no technical knowledge to launch crippling DDoS attacks.

It is worth to mention that the number of the cyber attacks has also increased.

According to a president at Corero Network Security Andrew Lloyd, the average customer is attacked sex times per day. 

We strongly suspect that the widespread use of rented attacks contributes to the fact that 73 percent of attacks last less than 10 minutes; why pay for a longer attack than you need? It remains ridiculously cheap to rent a devastating DDoS attack from these so-called DDoS stressers or on the Dark Web.

CEO at Bromium Gregory Webb[3] noted that approximately 6.5 million DDoS attacks are carried out per year. These attacks generated about $13 million in revenue last year, as a result, malicious actors behind them gain a significant financial benefit. When it comes to victims’ side of the view, the average attack cost a business approximately $200 per day. 

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