Business owners expose sensitive company data on dating sites

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Dating sites are popular among consumers. According to the report results, one in three people is dating online. However, researchers at Kaspersky Lab announced that nearly a third of visitors to these websites are business owners that might reveal sensitive corporate data at risk.

Exposing Data Dating Sites

The Russian-based security firm surveyed and analyzed over 6,400 visitors to dating websites around the world and came up with the “Dangerous Liaisons report” that reveals concerning tendencies of dating websites.[1]

According to the report, business owners are likely to reveal potentially sensitive corporate data on dating sites.

More than a fifth of representatives (22%) admitted that they reveal their place of work in their profile on dating site and almost a quarter (24%) of business owners or managers share sensitive data or details.

What is more, approximately a quarter (26%) of surveyed users reveal business and work-related information with their online dates after a couple days of interaction. However, when it comes to business owners, the percentage rises to 38%.

When it comes to hardware, over a half of representatives (51%) disclosed that they use their work computer or another smart device to visit dating site that also can cause a threat to corporate data if the device is not protected.

When it comes to protection, only 27% of visitors revealed that they use Internet security solution, while 16% do not find dating sites dangerous and do not anything in order to protect their device.

However, almost a fifth of all representatives (19%) have their device compromised with malicious software, including spyware, ransomware or other malware through a dating site. In addition, about 9% revealed that they have met people that use a fake identity.

David Emm, a principal security researcher at Kaspersky, indicated that findings revealed concerning information:[2]

Business devices need to be protected but, further, business owners and senior business leaders need to be vigilant. They must also exercise caution when it comes to giving away too much about themselves or their company on their public profile or to potential dates — and beyond. This advice also goes far beyond online dating; individuals should always protect themselves and their personal information online, no matter where they work and what device they use.

In addition, online dating scams peaked in the United Kingdom. According to the City of London police,[3] 3889 incidents of romance fraud were recorded in 2016, with the average of £10,000 lost. “One victim reports dating fraud every 3 hours”.

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