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You should know that every device has a potential backdoor that gives cybercriminals the access to your devices across the whole Wi-Fi network. That’s why every user should keep that in mind before choosing the antivirus and Internet security solution. BullGuard offers fully loaded protection for the totally connected family – BullGuard Premium Protection.[1] The software delivers total and complete security for you and your home network.

BullGuard Premium Protection

What does BullGuard Premium Protection offer?

Home Network Scanner

As it was mentioned before, your network is only secure as its weakest link. Every device on your network becomes a potential backdoor that enables cyber attackers to access to every single device across the whole network. BullGuard Home Network Scanner is able to proactively access your entire Wi-Fi network and every single device which is connected to it 24/7. The devices include thermostats, baby monitors, security cameras and systems, speakers, and all other connected smart devices.

What is worth to mention, when a new device connects to your Wi-Fi network, BullGuard Home Network Scanner automatically performs a deep scan and status check. It is one more extra security layer for your total smart home protection.

Identity Protection

BullGuard Premium Protection also keeps your private information completely private! The Identity Protection safeguards sensitive and private data from being accessed and exploited by hackers and cybercriminals. BullGuard also scans the entire Internet for your private information, including email and postal addresses, usernames, phone numbers, credit card details and more that you provide.

Every time BullGuard Identity Protection detects that your registered data and information is exposed to the public online, the software notifies you via email or text message and gives you advice on what your following actions should be.BullGuard Premium Protection Features

Next-Gen Anti-Malware

BullGuard Premium Protection comes together with next-gen anti-malware which provides users with intelligent triple layer protection.

The triple layer protection provides the following:

  • Firstly, next-gen anti-malware recognizes trusted websites and programs.
  • Secondly, it scans code for signature and anomalies that are linked to malware.
  • Finally, any detected malware is quarantined and neutralized before it infects the system. The next-gen anti-malware protection never sleeps and constantly alerts users about intruders.


BullGuard’s upgraded Firewall provides you with additional layers of heavy-duty protection against viruses, malware, and intruders. The Firewall is fully optimized for PCs that run Windows 10 and it even checks for security updates. It is worth to mention that BullGuard’s new Firewall uses less CPU power, thus all programs and applications run without any interruptions.

The firewall’s enhanced features combine Application Filtering which provides end-to-end protection before, during, and after the new app is downloaded. It also checks for unauthorized attempts to connect a device to the Internet and blocks them. The newly updated firewall safeguards all your devices and applications and keeps them secured and protected.

Vulnerability Scanner

BullGuard keeps your security updated and upgraded! Vulnerability Scanner ensures your safety by detecting and blocking access points that hackers are able to exploit. It also notifies you about missing security updates and connections to insecure Wi-Fi networks. Vulnerability Scanner protects you from suspicious app downloads and checks if drivers and apps have legitimate digital signatures. What is more, Vulnerability Scanner cross-references your network protocol against ISP’s profile and scans your network encryption.

Gabe Booster

BullGuard Premium Protection ensures your uninterrupted gaming experience. Game Booster optimizes CPU performance and blocks and removes pop-ups and all the annoying interruptions. As a result, you can enjoy smoother gaming without any interruptions or lag.

BullGuard Premium Protection Firewall

BullGuard provides features that ensures your entire family’s protection


With BullGuard Premium Protection you get multiple layers of protection that keep you, your data and devices completely secure. It includes antivirus, anti-spyware, next-gen anti-malware, ransomware protection, safe browsing, anti-phishing system, the vulnerability scanner automatic updates and upgrades your firewall.

Kids Zone

BullGuard Premium Protection protects all your family. It safeguards your children online with parental control and allows them to enjoy gaming without any lag or interruptions with Game Booster.


BullGuard Premium Protection is simple and also provides 24/7 free expert support. So, if you have any issues with the software or if you are dealing with viruses, you can contact BullGuard customer support. In addition, BullGuard account feature is easy to manage and operate, provides you a full control of the security. BullGuard also offers a custom PC Tune Up.


BullGuard Premium Protection ensures that your private data keep private. BullGuard protects your most important information and files from hackers and exposures, it keeps backups of your documents, secures your identity, and home network. BullGuard Premium Protection includes features such as cloud integrated backup, identity protection, and home network scanner.

BullGuard Family protection


BullGuard Premium Protection is 89.95 for an annual subscription and protects all your family on multi-devices.

BullGuard 1-month Trial

If you would like to try BullGuard Premium Protection, you do not need to risk anything. BullGuard offers a 30-day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with BullGuard Premium Protection, you will get your money back.

BullGuard Premium Protection offers fully loaded protection for your entire family.

System Requirements

  • BullGuard Premium Protection runs on PC with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 and Vista.
  • Mac OS X 10.11 or later.
  • Android tablets and smartphones with Android 4.0 or later.
  • Technical requirements: min 1 GB RAM, hard disk with 850 MB free. Internet connection should be dial-up minimum.
  • BullGuard Identity Protection is only available in the US, UK and Ireland, Canada, Germany, Denmark, France, and the Netherlands. 

BullGuard also offers BullGuard Internet Security with strong multi-layer protection and BullGuard Antivirus for simple and easy to use protection.

About the Company BullGuard

BodyGuard was developed by BullGuard. BodyGuard is a cybersecurity company that provides antivirus and Internet security products. The company was established in 2001 and today it offers its customers one of the most reliable and powerful security software and services in the market. BullGuard delivers security for Windows PCs, Macs and Android devices, it also protects smart home (IoT) devices and networks. In addition, BullGuard protects its customers’ data and identity against exposures and hackers.

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