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If you want to try BullGuard security software for your PC, BullGuard offers you free trial versions of BullGuard Premium Protection: BullGuard Internet Security and BullGuard Antivirus. All of the following security suites and apps you can try for free for 30 days.[1]

BullGuard Free Trials

BullGuard Premium Protection

BullGuard Premium Protection[2] is created for the totally connected family. The security suite includes a variety of features, including multiple layers of protection that ensure all the devices run smoothly, keeps you and your important data private and safe, safeguards children online, and offers simple and secure installation.BullGuard Premium Protection is compatible with all of your devices that run on Windows, macOS and Android operating systems

BullGuard Premium

  • Home Network Scanner

BullGuard Home Network Scanner assesses the entire Wi-Fi network and every device connected to it. Hone Network Scanner checks and secures thermostats, baby monitors, security cameras, speakers and all other devices. In addition, if any new device connects to your network, it automatically scans and checks its status.

  • Identity protection

BullGuard Identity Protection ensures your personal information is safe and protected from hackers and cybercriminals. In order to establish a maximum protection, BullGuard scans the entire web for usernames, emails, physical addresses, credit card information, passwords and more. If any of the registered details are made public, BullGuard notifies users and provides with the advice.

  • Next-gen anti-malware

BullGuard provide consumers with triple layer protection that recognizes trusted sites and programs; continually scans code for signature and suspicious behavior; any detected malware is locked down in quarantine.

  • Firewall

BullGuard’s firewall provides users with additional layers of security that protect against malware and intruders. It also tracks security updates and uses less CPU power. In addition, the firewall stops unauthorized attempts to connect a device to your Wi-Fi and its features, such as Application Filtering checks for bogus applications before, during and after the installation.

  • Vulnerability Scanner

BullGuard’s Vulnerability Scanner block access points that cybercriminals tend to exploit. It notifies users if any security updates are missing. In addition, it alerts users about a connection to insecure Wi-Fi networks and prevents suspicious apps from downloading. The Vulnerability Scanner also checks for valid signatures in applications and drivers.

  • Game Booster

When Game Booster is activated, it optimizes CPU performance, blocks pop-ups and annoying interruptions. Turn on Game Booster and enjoy smooth gaming without lag.

BullGuard Internet Security

BullGuard Internet Security[3] provides multi-layer protection that protects you and your family and all your devices against malware and cyber attacks. The security suite is compatible with Windows, macOS and Android devices. BullGuard Internet Security provides multiple layers of protection, safeguards all family and your children. The protection is simple and secure to install and offers 24/7 free expert support.

BullGuard Internet Security

  • Next-gen anti-malware

BullGuard provides users with intelligent triple layer protection that recognizes trusted sites and apps, continually scans code for signature and anomalies and locks down detected malware in quarantine.

  • Game Booster

BullGuard Internet Security enables users to enjoy games uninterrupted. Game Booster optimizes CPU performance and block pop-ups.

  • Parental Control

Parental Control Module blacks access to suspicious websites. Users can also set up search filters, limit children’s time online, monitor activity and even block certain apps.

  • Firewall

The Firewall provides consumers with added layers of duty protection against malware and intruders.

  • Vulnerability Scanner

Vulnerability scanner blocks access points that can be exploited by hackers. Vulnerability scanner also notifies users about missing security updates, connections to insecure Wi-Fi networks.

BullGuard Antivirus

BullGuard Antivirus[4] is easy to use and provides advanced layered protection that stops various types of malware and emerging new threats. BullGuard Antivirus is compatible with Windows operating system only.

BullGuard Antivirus

  • Next-gen anti-malware

BullGuard Antivirus’ next gen-antimalware provides consumers with triple layer protection that recognizes trusted sites and programs, scans code for signature and anomalies associated with malware, and locks down detected malware in quarantine, and then neutralizes it before infection can take place.

  • Antivirus

BullGuard Antivirus protects users against malware including phishing attempts, Trojans, and other cyber threats. It also provides ransomware protection.

  • Vulnerability Scanner

BullGuard Antivirus keeps users safe by blocking access points often exploited by hackers. Vulnerability Scanner alerts users to missing security updates and connections to insecure networks. The software prevents suspicious applications from downloading and checks apps and drivers for digital signatures.

  • Game Booster

BullGuard Antivirus is also gaming friendly, so users are able to enjoy gaming without any interruptions or lag.

Free BullGuard Mobile Security for Android

BullGuard offers Android[5] users smart protection for Android smartphone or tablets against malware, spam calls, and theft. The security application provides complete protection with antitheft controls, fast and immediate antivirus scanning. It also blocks unwanted spam and SMS messages with customizable controls and backups and restores important information.

BullGuard Mobile Security

  • Antivirus

A cloud-based AV engine does not drain battery or system performance and ensures up to the minute protection. An on-access scan performs automatic scans that check for suspicious or dangerous applications. It secures Android devices from adware, trackware, Trojans, viruses, SMS bombers, data harvesters or botnets.

  • Anti-theft

The anti-theft feature enables users to lock, locate and wipe the device remotely. If the device gets stolen, users can remotely lock it from any web browser using the BullGuard Mobile Security Manager dashboard.

  • Backup

BullGuard helps you to keep all your important information safe and secured. It creates backups of contacts, calendar or SMS messages. All important data is encrypted and sent to BullGuard’s servers.

  • Parental Control

BullGuard ensures kids’ safety and protection. It enables parents to monitor messages and calls, pictures, and applications. It also allows tracking your children’s devices.

  • Block unwanted calls

Bullguard blocks persistent spam on your phone.

  • Mobile Security Manager

BullGuard Mobile Protection enables users to control security features remotely from the BullGuard Mobile Security Manager Web dashboard.

  • Easy to use

BullGuard Mobile Protection is designed intuitively, so all features are easy to navigate. In addition, Web dashboard can be easily accessed from any device.

  • Expert Support

BullGuard Mobile Antivirus offers users free 24/7 expert support. If you face any security issue, BullGuard experts will be able to help you via Live chat or e-mail. This service also is available anytime. In addition, users can choose online remote access support. 

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