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If you want to watch a little overseas television or torrent a couple files anonymously, a VPN service is a great idea. This is a list of limited free tiers that provide users with basics of VPN for free.

Best Free VPN services

Windscribe Free VPN and Ad Block

Windscribe Free VPN and Ad Block allows users to use a VPN service completely for free as long as you want. The free version allows users 10 GB of monthly data, unlimited connections and access to servers in 11 countries.

Windscribe works as a desktop application and browser extension that block ads and trackers, restore access to geo-restricted content, hides browsing history and helps to stop the leakage of personal information.

In addition, Windscribe offers users a mobile version of the VPN service which secures public Wi-Fi connections and protects privacy online. It also allows 10 GB of bandwidth per month.

Windscribe VPN

Free features

  • Data encryption
  • No-logging policy
  • Access to servers in 11 countries




Trustworthy Free Version

Does not offer Kill Switch

Trustworthy VPN service with unlimited simultaneous device connections and good overall performance.

Powerful Pro Version

Constantly needs to be reset

Includes Firewall, which, according to the service works better than a “kill switch”

Not many settings to customized

Allows an unlimited number of simultaneous VPN sessions

Good performance

Windscribe allows users an unlimited number of secure connections and provides privacy features for multiple platforms and devices. The free service is great for casual users and infrequent travelers. It is worth to mention that the service is very fast and lasts long. Windscribe includes Firewall, however, does not offer many settings to customize.

Hotspot Shield Free

Hotspot Shield VPN is one of the most popular VPN services in the market used by over 650 million users worldwide.

Hotspot Shield VPN Proxy follows a freemium model and provides basic limited features for free.

Hotspot shield VPN

The free VPN services allow users to unblock all US content from apps and websites.




Offering free data

Expensive Premium version

Hotspot Shield VPN is a reliable and full-featured VPN service offering advanced protection and performance rates.

Web protections against malicious websites

Proprietary VPN protocol

Servers in China and Russia

Based in the USA

The free version allows users only 500 MB of bandwidth per day which is about 15 GB per month.

We did not like the number of ads in the free version and users will not be able to bypass censorship on Netflix, Hulu or BBC iPlayer.

Speedify Free

Speedify is a channel bonding, link aggregation, and VPN software in a single tool. It is developed to increase the reliability, speed, and security of Internet Dara and streaming apps.

Speedify is not a typical VPN service as it combines bandwidth provided by all of the device’s available Wi-Fo network, cellular and wired connections.


Speedify Free version is available for Windows PCs, Macs, iOS and Android devices.




Offering free data

Not a truly VPN service

Speedify is not a truly VPN service, but it works fast, has a pleasant interface and offers users free data of 5GB.

Wide geographic range

Requires at least two internet connections

Works fast

Based in the USA

Speedify Free offers 5 GB bandwidth across all available connections every month.

The service is very fast and increases the connection performance. It also offers a wide geographic range and free data. However, in order to use it, the device should have at least two different internet connections.

Avira Phantom VPN Free

Avira Phantom VPN is developed by one of the most famous security software companies Avira. Avira Phantom VPN offers free data for Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, and Chrome.

Avira Phantom VPN

Avira Phantom VPN Free includes the following features:

  • 500 MB per month bandwidth (1 GB if you register with a valid email address)
  • Encrypted traffic
  • Private surfing
  • Access to geo-restricted sites
  • DNS leak prevention
  • Can be used on PCs, Macs, Android and iOS devices
  • Auto-connect VPN for Wi-Fi networks




Offering Free data

Connection interruptions and drops

Easy to use VPN service for occasional users

Pleasant interface

Not many location servers

Offers Kill Switch

Not many settings to customized

Avira Phantom VPN is a good choice for travelers and occasional VPN users as the software is easy to use, has a pleasant interface, offers free data and simultaneous connections. However, for heavy users we recommend full-features VPN, as Avira Phantom VPN does not provide any service without client software, users cannot pay anonymously and the connections sometimes drop.

ProtonVPN Free

ProtonVPN is a virtual private network (VPN) service developed by CERN and MIT scientists. The VPN Allows users to surf anonymously, unblock websites and encrypt the connection.

The Free version allows users to connect to 3 countries with a single device.

However, the speed is low.




Unlimited Free Data

The free version offers only three servers locations

ProtonVPN offers superior protection and Swiss-based servers. It also offers unlimited free data and intuitive user interface.

Based in Switzerland

Average performance rates

Intuitive user interface.

Third-party software needed for Linux and iOS devices.

ProtonVPN provides users with advanced protections, Swiss-based servers, and a decent set of security and privacy features. It also includes free unlimited data, however, the free version’s performance rates are lower than the average.

Hide.Me Free VPN is a relatively new VPN service developed by Malaysian-based VPN security and privacy provider.

The VPN service offers privacy protection, Wi-Fi security, and encryption that allows users to experience a private web browser experience. VPN VPN Free offers 3 limited locations and 2 GB data transfer. For the free version, users do not have to provide their Credit Card information.




Variety of VPN protocols supported

Performance hits and slowdowns is one of the most flexible services out there offering client software for many platforms and free data.

Client software compatible with many platforms

Midrange speeds

Offering free data

Premium version may seem expensive

The free version allows users to connect almost any operating system to servers in three countries. It offers only mediocre speed rates.

Opera Free VPN

Opera Free VPN offers users a free built-in VPN service in the Opera browser that allows users to surf the web with enhanced privacy.

Opera is the first browser that provides users with a free, unlimited VPN service.

As a free VPN service Opera VPN does not offer additional features and provides a bare-bones VPN that reduces online tracking by replacing the users’ IP addresses with the virtual one and makes it harder to track the location to identify the machine.

Opera Free Vpn

In addition, it shields the browser in public networks, so users can surf on free, public Wi-Fi networks securely.

Finally, it allows users to search locally while using the VPN by disguising the IP address.





Has location points in only three locations

Opera VPN is free to use and well worth users, however, has limited protection and only works with Opera browser.

No installation required

The desktop version is not a true VPN service

Displays VPN connection icon in a browser

Does not offer a mobile version

Opera VPN offers locations in only three locations, so it cannot compete with other VPN services available. As a result, it makes Opera VPN service for those, who want occasional protection, while on the road. It is easy to use, fast and free, however, protections are not very strong. 

Tunnel Bear Free

TunnelBear VPN is a simple VPN that allows users to browse privately and securely.

The free version allows users only 500 GB. Free users can connect to any of TunnelBear VPN servers in 200 countries.

TunnelBear VPN

When it comes to speeds, the network latency was one of the slowest, and the connection time was also among the worst.




Decent and reliable protections


TunnelBear VPN is decent and reliable VPN service that offers good performance, reliable price and simple interface.

Offering free data

Not many personalized options

Easy setup and quick to start

Sound effects can get annoying

TunnelBear is a reliable VPN service and offers pretty decent location range. It also has a user-friendly interface, offers decent network performance, adds a free service and uses decent encryption techniques.

SurfEasy Free

SurfEasy VPN is a simple, no-log private network VPN allowing users to browse the Web safely and securely.

The company is based in Toronto, Canada and is known for providing the back-end servers for the Opera browser VPN.

The free service starts at 500 MB. If you want to increase free data allowance, you can register with the service and also invite friends to sign up.

SurfEasy VPN

The free version allows users to connect to servers in 16 countries.




Wide geographical reaches

Performance hits and slowdowns

SurfEasy VPN is a simple and affordable VPN service which is great for occasional travelers and average VPN users who require reliable protections and basic features.

Free version available

Lower than the average performance rates

User-friendly customer support

Offering only basic VPN features

SurfEasy VPN is a simple VPN service which provides reliable protections and basic VPN features. However, its performance rates are lower than the average.

VPN Gate

VPN Gate is an experimental project developed by Graduate School of the University of Tsukuba, Japan. The purpose of the VPN gate Service is to expand knowledge of Global Disturbed Public VPN Relay Servers.

VPN Gate is a great idea to provide users with free and unlimited VPN service. It offers various protocols to choose from and thousands of servers around the world.

VPN gate

VPN Gate uses the SoftEther open-source VPN client software which provides flexibility and is relatively easy to set up.





Performance hits and slowdowns

VPN Gate is unlimited and free VPN service, however, its performance rates are very low and it’s client software only supports Windows.


Slow speeds

Uses SoftEther VPN client software

Complex to setup

However, we do not recommend this service due to its low-performance rates. However, if VPN Gate Academic Experimental Project will add more and faster US-based servers it would be a great choice for everyone – a fast, free, and unlimited VPN service.

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