Avira System Speedup Pro Review

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A single privacy cleaner allows users to rediscover a fast, smooth-running PC with only one click. Avira developed Avira System Speedup Pro in order to increase performance, privacy and free up disk space.

Avira System Speedup Review

Avira System Speedup Pro[1] increased booting time by 38%, it also maximizes battery life by 90% and frees up your disc space by 76 GB. Once you get Avira System Speedup Pro your device will be faster far less prone to crashes and will enable you to defend your private data against hackers and eavesdroppers.

Avira System Speedup Pro

Take care of your disk

Avira System Speedup Pro helps users to keep their PC clean and lean. Firstly, Avira System Speedup Pro deletes obsolete and duplicate files, so users can enjoy free up gigabytes of disk space. In addition, Avira System Speedup Pro tool prevents inactive software from consuming disk memory. Finally, you just have to get rid of pesky applications and create space for over 9,000 songs, more than 35,000 pictures or over 40 more movies.

Prevent system freezes and crashes

Avira System Speedup Pro helps you to prevent PCs repair shops by fixing errors, repairing broken setting and cleaning your system registry. In addition, if you accidentally remove or lose an important file, Avira System Speedup will help to recover it.

Increase your performance

Avira System Speedup Pro offers consumers a range of tune-up tools that enhance your system’s performance and gets it running back at top speed. As a result, users will be able to enjoy faster surfing and gaming.

Avira System Speedup Pro will free up memory, defrag the system, optimize processes and fix disk permissions.

Avira system speedup optimizer

Increase your battery life

Even if your battery always falls short while you travel, Avira System Speedup Pro will make your battery last up to 90% more.

Improve your gaming experience

Avira System Speedup Pro includes an integrated Game Booster that enables users to enhance their gaming experience.

  • Free up gaming resources

Avira System Speedup Pro will disable all unnecessary processes running in the background that may slow down a system and cause lag while you are gaming. So you can experience a more enjoyable and smoother gaming experience.

  • Create virtual gaming hard drive

Avira System Speedup Pro defrags game folders and created a dedicated gaming area in the RAM. What is more, when you are done with gaming, the system gets reset to its original pre-gaming stage.

Avira System speedup power modes

No digital traces

Avira System Speedup Pro ensures that there are no digital traces of your online activities left behind. You should be aware that your online behavior and activities can provide personal and sensitive information about yourself. This is why Avira System Speedup Pro wipes these traces by removing cookies, temporary files, web cashes, and chatroom conversations from all of the browsers you use. It also erases sensitive information from more than 2500 PC applications, including Skype, media players, email clients, P2P file-sharing programs and more. Avira System Speedup Pro deletes evidence of every site you accessed, every file you downloaded, and every video you watched. This way you and your personal data becomes irretrievable by hackers or just nosy roommates.

Avira System Speedup Pro treats PC health conditions

Many users face the problem that they can not wait to stream the latest episode on their favorite TV show, but Avira System Speedup Pro has a solution for them. Just run or schedule an optimization in order to improve your systemic performance to remove lag or interruptions.

What is more, many users do not have enough space on their PC so they consider spending over €100 for a new hard drive. Avira System Speedup Pro also offers them a solution. In order to save time and money, invest in System Speedup and easily free up memory by recovering wasted space on the disk.

In addition, many users have no idea if anyone is trying to access their personal data or files, so they have to delete and remove all the digital traces manually. However, it takes much time and energy. Avira System Speedup Pro provides users with the solution and makes sure any personal information will not fall into scammers or criminals’ hands. Avira System Speedup Pro leaves no traces by deleting evidence of every file you open, a website you visit or email you read.

Avira system speedup boot

System Requirements

Avira System Speedup Pro is compatible with Microsoft Windows operating system that runs Windows 7 Service pack 1 or higher with the latest updates, hotfixes and service packs installed. It requires 2 GB of RAM or more, at least 2 GB of free disk space and additional space for temporary and quarantine files are required as well. The CPU Type should be Intel Pentium 4 / AMD Athlon 64 Processor or faster. The browser compatible with Avira System Speedup Pro is Internet Explorer 8 or later.

In order to install the tool, users need administrator rights, an internet connection, and a web browser. An internet connection will be also required for automatic antivirus updates and optimal malware detection.

Avira Prime

If you want to get convenient access to all Avira premium services, including Avira System Speedup Pro with no obligation, Avira introduces Avira Prime. Avira Prime provides users with access to all premium Avira services across all their devices that support Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS operational systems. What is more, all new premium services will also be included automatically. Users can subscribe to a service and pay a flat monthly rate. The subscription can be canceled at any time.[2]

What does Avira Prime offer?

  • An-all-in-one premium service for users’ needs

All of Avira’s latest premium services, including protection, privacy, and performance services will be available across all users’ devices.

  • Pay monthly without obligation

In order to use the Avira Prime service, users only need to pay a small amount monthly without any long-term commitment.

  • Total control

Users will be provided with a central dashboard that will display the device and service status at a glance. This way users will be able to add or remove premium services, and remotely use anti-theft and tracking tools.

  • Privileged access to Avira IT Specialist

Avira Prime members receive a privileged access to Avira’s VIP Customer Support.

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