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Avast CleanUp Premium Review


Avast CleanUp Premium[1] is developed by one of the top brands operating in an effective system and security software industry.

The company was founded in 1988 and is headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic. Today Avast software is used by more than 400 million users around the world.[2]

The company constantly develops their products by using next-gen technologies such as artificial intelligence-based processes.

Avast offers users security and antivirus software for Avast Antivirus for Windows, Avast Antivirus for Mac Mac, Avast Mobile Security, and Antivirus for Android, and iOS devices. It also develops a VPN service – Avast SecureLine VPN and a number of other security, privacy, and optimization software and tools for home and business users.[3]

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Avast CleanUp Premium Review

Avast CleanUp Premium is a next-generation tuneup and CleanUp Premium tool for computers and mobile devices.




Quick scans with a minimal impact on a system

Lack of some features

One of the best cleanup and tune-up tools in the market.

Well-design and intuitive


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Avast CleanUp Premium for PCs claims to boost the PC speed, free up disk space by removing bloatware and junk files, and solve small issues.


Many users think that Avast CleanUp Premium is overpriced. Avast CleanUp Premium starts at $49.99 for a yearly subscription and covers 1 PC. Discounts apply if Avast CleanUp Premium tool is purchased for multiple users with system licenses or longer-term basis.

Avast also offers users a free trial of the product, however, it does not include any repairs.

Additionally, users can add Avast Driver Updater for $24.99 (instead of a price without an offer $49.99), and Avast SecureLine VPN Multi-device for $39.99 (instead of a price without an offer is $79.99).

Avast CleanUp Premium processes

Test Results

Scanning performance

Once installed, we have performed a full system scan. The first impression was great, as the software did not impact system performances. However, we weren’t able to specify scanning patterns to only scan a particular section of the computer. The tool scans the computer each time when it is used, but it is worth to mention that the scans are quick. The full scan took about three minutes.


As you are probably aware, the device can get real slow due to bloatware and junk files that include trial versions of the applications, unwanted toolbars, preinstalled software and other files that take up space and can cause performance issues.

Avast free trial does not include repair feature, so users can delete the issues manually.

Once upgraded, Avast repairs the issues for you by removing bloatware with a cloud-based reputation system. The tool also includes a 1-click maintenance feature that removes junk files in several key areas, such as the browser and disk, desktop’s wallpaper and registry.

Users can choose what files to delete, and what files are useful for them, even if they may seem harmful for your PC.

In addition, Avast offers quarantine function for those, who are afraid to uninstall some programs. If you feel that you might have deleted too much, Avast offers Undo option and allows the amending of certain actions made within the program.

Avast CleanUp Premium also cleans trances and temporary data from over 25 browsers, detects and remover unwanted browser extensions, plugins, and toolbars; cleans the disk from installer files, cache, temporary system files, and old backups.

Avast CleanUp Free Up Space


Avast CleanUp Premium includes a variety of useful features:

  • Sleep Mode – Avast CleanUp Premium puts all resource draining application in hibernation.
  • Shortcut Cleaner detects and removes inactive shortcuts from the desktop and history lists.
  • 1-Click Maintenance allows users to maintain 6 critical cleaning and tuning tasks with a single click.
  • Disk Cleaner detects and removes leftover files from Windows and more than 200 popular applications.
  • Registry Cleaner removes trash files from the Windows registry and fixes issues.
  • Browser Cleaner detects and removes leftover browsing traces and cookies. It is compatible with 25 browsers, including Google Chrome, Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and IE.
  • Tuning Dashboard and Action Center provides users with an overview of the device’s health.
  • Bloatware Removal detects and removes third-party trials, ads, and unwanted toolbars.

However, some more features, such as scheduled scans or the ability to scan only certain files and folder would be appreciated.

Customer Support

Avast provides users with a support webpage for Avast CleanUp. The support page includes FAQs, tutorials, knowledge base, subscription and purchase information, and technical issues.

Users can also get help by contacting Avast or get advice from Avast Forum.

Avast also offers paid support service which starts at $110.00 per year.

User interface

Avast CleanUp Premium is very easy to use and understand. The program, just like any other Avast software looks modern and is well-designed, as all the features are quickly accessible.

The interface is very informative, users can check statistics and reports.

The main window includes the status of the computer’s health and additional four features: Maintenance, Speed Up, Free Up Space, and Fix Problems.

Avast CleanUp Tuned Up

The final verdict

Avast CleanUp Premium is a great tool for those who look for a lightweight software to improve their computer. The scans are quick and do not consume many system resources. The repair section is also very flexible. In addition, we were impressed with the ability to put background processes to sleep in order to run the device faster and smoother. And yes, Avast CleanUp Premium really does the job, it cleans the PC in order to boost its performance and speeds.

avast cleanup download

Avast products

Product Price / Devices / 1-year Get it
Avast Pro Antivirus $39.99 / 1-year / 1-device try for free
Avast Internet Security $47.99 / 1-year / 1-device try for free
Avast Premier $63.99 / 1-year / 1-device try for free
Avast Ultimate $39.99 / 1-year / 1-device try for free
Avast Business Pro Plus $39.99 / 1-year / 1-device try for free
Avast Secure VPN $39.99 / 1-year / 1-device try for free
Avast Clean Up $39.99 / 1-year / 1-device try for free
Avast Security for Mac $39.99 / 1-year / 1-device try for free
Avast CleanUP for Mac $39.99 / 1-year / 1-device try for free
Avast antivirus for Linux $39.99 / 1-year / 1-device try for free
Avast android security $39.99 / 1-year / 1-device try for free
All Avast products $39.99 / 1-year / 1-device try for free

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