Attention, Mac Users! Dok malware strikes

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The Dok malware has not been detected yet but the malware is capable of compromising all versions of Mac OS X by using a valid Apple developer certificate.[1]

Dok malware

Malicious programs are now infecting all of the major operating systems and devices, Macs are not an exception. The most recent and at the same time the most dangerous Mac malware OSX/Dok is capable of targeting any version of Mac OS X. The malware is capable of taking complete control of the device.

The Dok malware is only able to infect the device if the user opens .zip file, attached to an email. Thus, it makes Dok more difficult to spread because users are usually suspicious and do not open unfamiliar .zip archives. However, those who open are going to infect their Mac with dangerous malware.

Check Point states that Dok has not been detected yet on VirusTotal. This means that the virus won’t be detected by any security program on your system if you do get infected, although that is likely to change as soon as possible. In addition, Mac will let you install the malicious software because Dok has and uses the Apple developer certificate.[2]

After the installation, the virus strikes and takes over the complete access and control of your Mac. DoK is also capable of accessing the encrypted communications sent over SSL. The malware redirects the victim’s traffic via proxy server and is able to monitor all of the traffic. After getting the information it is after, the virus removes itself from the system.

It is possible to get rid of the Dok – iMore provides you the instructions on how to delete the malware. In addition, Check Point also gives you a description of the Dok, so you can recognize whether your Mac got infected by it or not.

So how to protect yourself and your device?

Make sure not to open any unfamiliar and unexpected attachments because there is a high possibility that you will only infect your computer with unwanted malware.

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