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Antiy AVL Pro Antivirus and Security for Android[1] is developed by a Chinese-based national cybersecurity vendor Antiy[2]. The company aims to deliver its customers the best security solutions possible, relying on the next-generation threat detection engine, multi-level man-machine combined analysis, artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies. Antiy provides individual users, businesses and high-end security demand departments such as the military, national authorities, etc. with advanced security products such as endpoint protection, network monitoring, in-depth analysis and rapid disposal, and other comprehensive security solutions. As of today, the company protects nearly a hundred thousand network devices and approximately 1.2 billion mobile devices.

Antyi AVL Pro Antivirus and Security for Android Review

AVL for Android offers users with two mobile security applications including AVL and AVL Pro Antivirus and Security for Android. Both applications are available on the official Google Play App store.[3]

AVL Pro Antivirus and Security aims to provide users with a new level of mobile security experience and includes an award-winning malware detection engine and a heavily armed security framework based on the AVL engine. Both applications are free.

Test Results

Antivirus protection

In order to detect malicious applications and other mobile threats, Antiy AVL applies heuristic detection Capacity via family detection plug-in and front engine design.

AVL Mobile Security for Android

Researchers at Reviewed by Pro tested the software on Samsung Galaxy S8 G950F 64GB and noted that the Antiy AVL mobile security application detected all of the malicious software installed and stopped all the attempts of downloading infected apps. AVL Pro Antivirus and Security also protects users while browsing and blocks malicious and phishing websites

In addition, Antiy AVL was tested by the independent German-based testing lab AV-TEST[4], which in its latest test, conducted in April 2018, noted that the AVL antivirus engine detected 100% of both, the latest Android malware in real-time and the latest Android malware discovered in the last month. It is worth to mention that the average detection rates are approximately 97%. According to these results, we can say that Antiy AVL offers users one of the most advanced mobile antivirus systems in the market. However, the application has delivered even 29 false positives during installation and usage of the legitimate applications. 


When it comes to additional features, the application does not include a wide list of features such as Anti-theft features, parental controls, or optimization features. Antiy AVL offers users a bare-bones antivirus engine that provides advanced detection scores. You can also get an upgraded version of application AVL Pro Antivirus and Security which includes App Identifications, which identifies apps and classifies threats into different security levels, such as malicious or risky; App Analyzer analysis the insight of an application and provides you with an information of each app. Finally, Plug-in system enables users to assemble the security app according to their own security needs.

AVL Antivirus for Android Scanning

System performance impact

AVL Pro Antivirus and Security does not impact the battery life of the device. In addition, it does not slow down the system-performance during normal usage and does not generate too much traffic. All in one, the application does not have a negative impact on the system.

Scanning performance

AVL Pro Antivirus and Security offers users informative scan results that include a description and allows users to analyze, false or ignore the detected threat, and uninstall malicious apps. Users are also able to schedule scans and view scan logs. The full system scan took us about a minute, which is in the middle among the competitors.

User interface

AVL Pro Antivirus and Security offers a very informative user interface which is easy to understand and use. 

Antiy AVL Antivirus and Mobile Security Screenshot

The final verdict

AVL Pro Antivirus and Security is a great choice for those who need an advanced antivirus application, which gives users an insight of the security details and allows to identify the security threats. However, it does not include any privacy or optimization features, as many of the competitors do.

Feature Score
Antivirus protection Excellent
Security and Privacy features Security-focused feature set
Scanning performance Average system scans, which are very informative
System-performance hit Minimal
User interface SImple

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