Anti-Malware Pro user manual

User manual guide for Anti-Malware Pro

This is a short user manual guide for AntiMalware Pro, also known as Anti-Malware Pro 2017. Here you will find information on how to use this software in the most effective ways. If you follow these steps, you will remove all the malicious files, malware, adware, and other viruses from your computer.

Downloading Anti-Malware Pro

The download process of this program is quite easy and quick – the whole installation package takes up only about 15 Mb of space. You can download the program from this page – just follow the instructions.

Installing Anti-Malware Pro

First of all, you should disable any other antivirus software if it is installed on your computer. Otherwise, you may not be able to install this program. After the successful download of the application, open the file named “Anti-MalwarePro-Installer-2017.exe” and you will start the installation process. First of all, you will see the pop-up window with the question “Do you really want to install Anti-Malware Pro on your computer?”. Press the “Yes” button and you will proceed further. Next, you will see a new window with the welcome text, some unnecessary information and the green button “Continue”. Press “Continue” and proceed to the further installation steps.

After clicking the button “Continue”, you will see the next window with license agreements and conditions. Just hit the button with the text “I accept EULA and Privacy Policy” and press “Install and Scan now”.   

As for the next step, the system recommends you to install additional software witch is supposed to help maximize your computer speed. If you don’t want to install “Driver Assistant”, just uncheck the checkbox located at the bottom-left of the window and press the green button “Continue”.  

The next window will appear and the installation progress will begin. It won't take too long and you will be done with the installation of Anti-Malware Pro on your computer. Remember, if you want to install this software successfully, you should disable the activity of all the other antivirus software installed. Otherwise, the installation will not proceed.  

Scanning your computer with Anti-Malware Pro

After the successful installation of the program, it launches automatically and starts a full computer scan. This will take about 5 minutes to make a full computer scan from malware. During the scan, you can minimize the window of the program and the process will be running in the system background.

Removing infected files with Anti-Malware Pro

If your computer is infected, after the scan you will see the results and the list of the malicious files. If the program finds some malware, you can remove it. Note: you can remove the malicious files only with the paid version of the software. Mark the files you want to remove and press the button “Remove selected” or “Remove now”.  

Get the full version

After pressing “Remove”, a new window will appear and you will be able to buy the full software license. If you have already purchased the license key, please paste it in the field as shown in the picture and press the button “Activate”. If you don’t have a license key yet, press the button “Activate full license” and the program’s wizard will redirect you to the official developer website where you will be able to buy the license. Note: you must have a valid credit card if you want to purchase this product.

Main features explained

With a fully licensed version of Anti-Malware Pro, you will be able to use all these functions:

  • Malware scan – the ability to scan and remove malicious files
  • PC Guard – real-time computer protection against various Internet threats
  • Privacy Guard – system privacy protection, password protection, the protection of tracking cookies
  • Customer support – 24/7 customer support service


The good news is that without a full version of the software you can just scan your computer for diagnostical purposes for free. If any computer threats are found, you can buy the full version of Anti-Malware Pro.

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