2018 Prediction: Increase of cybersecurity attacks

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There is a clear tendency that cybersecurity attacks over the past few years have gotten bigger and bigger. Do you remember Equifax, Verizon, Uber, Bell Canada data breaches? These are just a few companies that suffered from cybercriminals compromising sensitive data.

2018 cyber attacks increase

In addition, even the intelligence agencies NSA and the CIA were attacked with data leaks. Thus, no organization is capable of completely avoiding potential cyber attacks.

With 2018 coming, security researchers at Security Boulevard[1] indicated some predictions for the cybersecurity industry in the coming year and share their thoughts on IoT, establishes emerging technologies and payments.

To start with John Grimm, a Senior Director of Security Strategy, indicated:

As we look at the IoT, especially at OT-type environments and manufacturing plants, where there are industrial-type systems that are all connected, we’re starting to see how the operational world and the traditional IT world will come together. We will see a continued merging of traditional safety (e.g. safety of employees) and IT security. And the more connected devices we see, the more prevalent this integration will become.

Followed by a technical perspective of Sol Cates, the Vice President of Technical Strategy, who states the improvement towards microservices in the technology area. This improvement became widely used and popular in the last years and now any newly created app cannot be designed without it. As a result, the investment in microservices and technology area also grows rapidly and for the following year, it is very likely to notice a desire for more protected and secure microservices. “With this comes lots of questions from security groups about where the trust is, how do we do cryptography, how do we protect information etc.,” – the researcher adds.

When it comes to payments, Jose Diaz, a Director of Payments Strategy notes that financial organizations are not paying enough attention to fraud. In 2018, a volume of transaction limits is likely to grow because they are mainly based on contract and fraud analysis. In addition, fraud also will become easier to detect.

What is more, Jon Geater, a Chief Technology Officer predicts that the Cloud will be a major headache for businesses and the number of major breaches caused by purely misconfiguring the Cloud will increase in 2018. As an example, NSA[2] announced that encryption and even setting access controls on remote storage were forgotten. On the other hand, ignorance of controls is predicted not to be tolerated, as they have been until now.

To summarize, IoT caused cybersecurity cases are also likely to increase, in particular customer impacting IoT-based breaches.

So what do you expect to see in 2018?


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